The Donald Trump supporters’ campaign message: Fuck Your Feelings

So I’ve been seeing this message (figure 1) around Pittsburgh a lot lately.

Fig. 1. Photograph by author, August 25, 2020.

And if you’re wondering what kind of an asshole actually puts a message like “Fuck Your Feelings” on the back of their car, or on a yard sign, or in a campaign poster, the first point to acknowledge here is that yes, this is an asshole.

The use of “fuck” in this context is clearly not in a warm fuzzy context of coital relations and I think I might be even more disturbed if it were—we might well be talking about rape.

This is an aggressive use of the word directed at “your” feelings. Whose feelings? Presumably not the feelings of Donald Trump supporters. Donald Trump supporters’ feelings are just fine in such assholes’ reckoning; but they not only do not want to hear about “your” feelings, they feel aggressive toward “your” feelings and they feel entitled to express that aggression.

What feelings? Donald Trump is notorious for his racism, his sexism, his narcissism,[1] and his corruption. In a pandemic, he has rushed[2] to offer human sacrifices by the hundreds of thousands[3] to the capitalist god.[4] We might infer that this message is aggressive toward any revulsion to or offense taken from these traits.

Racism, sexism, narcissism, corruption, and a disregard for human life are therefore, in such assholes’ light, positives to be affirmed, even flaunted, as Trump indeed does.

So what kind of an asshole affirms racism so flagrantly? One of the ways I distinguish a paleoconservative from an authoritarian populist is that the former will tell you s/he is a racist and make no bones about it.[5] Within that panoply, the aggression moves this toward white supremacism.

I don’t have a similar analysis for flaunting sexism (not even traditionalist or social conservatives would generally endorse such an attitude toward women that is aggressive in this particular way), narcissism, or corruption. But we may reasonably infer that those who display this message feel an entitlement that privileges their own feelings over those whom they may offend, even over the feelings of those who have lost loved ones to the novel coronavirus.

This is the hardest of Trump’s hard core base. However you explain their motivation, these people will be a problem regardless of an electoral outcome in November, regardless of the outcome of the racial justice movement, regardless of the outcome of any other progressive social movements.

Expect them to be armed. Expect them to be incoherent. Expect them to be angry, even incandescent, when they stop getting their way.

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