A single can of cat food

I’ve been reading Dennis Loo’s Globalization and the Demolition of Society.[1] It’s a highly worthwhile book, recapping much of the criminality of the Bush and Obama administrations, but explaining why much more than a change of personnel is needed: it is a dysfunctional political and economic system that is at fault and the personnel who are taking advantage.

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  1. [1]Dennis Loo, Globalization and the Demolition of Society (Glendale, CA: Larkmead, 2011).

Re-ordering society in a Localizing World

This essay attempts to offer a path for human survival in a pessimistic scenario, a scenario which there are grounds to believe may come to pass, but which fails to account for as yet unseen emergent properties in a highly complex situation. This essay upholds and seeks to institute values of human and animal emancipation and to exploit the past human folly that has created a situation not only in which this scenario is plausible, but which demands that policies, institutions, societies, and humans change. This essay therefore advocates not merely social transformation, but human transformation. Read more