‘Us’ versus ‘them’

Something that has troubled and puzzled me for a long time, going back at least to when I first began my Ph.D. work—this would be the program that was not the right program for me and not the one I ultimately received my doctorate from—is the question of in-groups versus out-groups, more colloquially, the “us” versus “them” mentality that I associated with the hierarchically invidious monism of authoritarian populism in my dissertation.[1] Read more

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In Texas, some deaths are real and some, I guess, are not

Those folks who lost power in Texas in the recent winter storms?[1] They were the lucky ones, it turns out.

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How neoliberalism ruins primary school education

In Britain, some well-educated folks are learning what primary school education in their fields is like, which is sometimes to say, really awful. The article raises a couple examples, one being of the failure to properly teach fractions, and the other of a “practically Dickensian in its pointlessness” dissection of sentences into parts of speech.[1] I’d take it to the bank that this isn’t just a British problem and, oh yeah, this isn’t just during COVID-19 lockdown: I remember the conundrum of fractions myself. Read more

  1. [1]Donna Ferguson, “Home schooling: ‘I’m a maths lecturer – and I had to get my children to teach me,’” Guardian, February 20, 2021, https://www.theguardian.com/education/2021/feb/20/im-a-maths-lecturer-and-i-had-to-get-my-children-to-teach-me

Having already fucked up in ousting an ethics researcher, Google doubles down

See update for April 5, 2021, at end of post.

Google’s ouster of an artificial idiocy[1] ethicist, Timnit Gebru, likely for saying something other than that artificial idiocy is wonderful,[2] stunk to high heaven. Today, the ouster stinks even more. Read more

  1. [1]“Artificial intelligence” is a misnomer. David Benfell, “Our new Satan: artificial idiocy and big data mining,” Not Housebroken, January 13, 2021, https://disunitedstates.org/2020/01/13/our-new-satan-artificial-idiocy-and-big-data-mining/
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Why we won’t defang right-wing extremism

Ronald Brownstein relies on surveys,[1] whose methodology should be at this point be considered entirely discredited,[2] but his conclusion that the Republican Party has been captured by Trumpsters’ verbal and physical bullying and their white nationalism,[3] is in line with what I see around southwestern Pennsylvania. Read more

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The second farce

So Democrats chickened out of calling witnesses and let the Republicans acquit Donald Trump in his second impeachment trial.[1] Honestly, I don’t know how it gets any more pathetic than this. I mean, seriously, is a president inciting a coup[2] a threat[3] to the constitutional oligarchy[4] or isn’t it?

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The California nightmare

See update for February 19, 2021, at end of post

There are a few reasons I left California. One was that I hadn’t been able to find a real job since 2001, the year of the dot-com crash, even as I returned to school, finished a B.A., an M.A., and a Ph.D., all to no avail, and my frustration has long since morphed into fury.[1] Whatever it is I’m looking for, and at this point, I honestly don’t even know what that is, I wasn’t finding it in California, where I’d lived for over fifty years. Read more

  1. [1]David Benfell, “About my job hunt,” Not Housebroken, n.d., https://disunitedstates.org/about-my-job-hunt/

It’s fine to highlight other people. But don’t cite historical falsehoods when you do.

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On January 30, 2021, my mother sent me an article about a controversy over the San Francisco Board of Education deciding to rename some schools due to white supremacist associations, including that of my old high school, George Washington, which I never actually graduated from, and Abraham Lincoln.[1] I read the article and replied that yeah, I’d heard of the controversy and that San Francisco was grappling with the fact this country has been fascist from its beginning.[2]

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  1. [1]Fernando Martinez, “San Francisco school board considers renaming a school after the Grateful Dead’s Jerry Garcia,” SFGate, January 29, 2021, https://www.sfgate.com/sf-culture/article/San-Francisco-School-Board-considers-renaming-a-15909103.php
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‘Free’ helicopter rides

See update for March 14, 2021, at end of post.

There’s a passage from Kim Messick, a few years ago, that I have quoted repeatedly, even in my dissertation,[1] because Messick expresses so clearly how authoritarian populists, then the Tea Party,[2] now Trumpsters or MAGAts, who represent a tendency of conservatism that goes back 1,000 years,[3] view the rest of us: Read more

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