I need to die

Please don’t tell me to call suicide prevention. That is not a tangible solution to my problems.

Please don’t tell me to send out yet thousands more copies of my resume. I’ve done that. Over and over and over again.

Please don’t tell me to post my resume on jobhunting sites. I’ve done that too.

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To become an expatriate

I haven’t had much to say here recently, mostly because my sense has been that I’ve pretty much already said everything I have to say on current events, in one form or another. It’s possible something will crop up in my research that will fertilize some comment here, but for now, I can only watch with horror the Republican primary debacle in which one candidate after another self-destructs in a race to see who can appear most fascist or most elitist. The last two apparently left standing, Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich, have repeatedly appeared to have defeated themselves, only to somehow be resurrected. Whichever of these candidates survives the process, it appears that Barack Obama, who clearly does not deserve re-election, will cruise to it easily.

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