Democracy Now!’s not-so-good interview with Stephen Cohen on the Ukraine

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One of the interesting things about the Democracy Now! program is that they will occasionally allow their guests to hang themselves. It is essential interview technique to not superimpose your own understanding upon that of the person you are interviewing,[1] and it is to Amy Goodman’s, Juan Gonz√°lez’s, and the other Democracy Now! anchors’ credit that, at least insofar as I have observed, they abide by this rule very strictly. Read more

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Saving the state

I am sometimes reluctant to write on topical events, such as those in Burma/Myanmar, in Venezuela, and North Korea. It’s not that I’m not paying attention, but rather that I’m not satisfied with the quality of information I’m getting. It’s all too easy for an outsider, particularly one whose heritage is that of a colonizer, to say what people who are actually there, who are actually experiencing a situation, should do, and this is, in itself, another manifestation of a colonizer’s attitude. Read more

Waking up to more idiocy

I’ve gotta quit waking up like this. This morning, in my mailbox, I find yet another diatribe, archived here, from the so-called “Coordination of Anarchist Groups,” claiming that anti-speciesism is a false solution to the environmental crisis.[1] (I dealt with their argument placing anarchism in a hermetically-sealed museum case yesterday.[2]) Read more

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If this is anarchism, then I am not an anarchist

If this is anarchism, then I am not an anarchist:

Anarchism as we understand it is a continuation of the socialist labor movement, specifically the anti-authoritarian tendency of the International Workingmen’s Association. This is important in the sense that if it recognizes the existence of anti-authoritarian revolts and movements in human history before that period, as the existence of libertarian ideologies, it is anarchism as an ideological current steeped in history, not as a philosophical trend universally present in human history based solely on the refusal of the principle of domination.[1]

I received in my email this morning a post on the a-infos list, which I have archived here, containing these words. It is a lengthy post, poorly translated (presumably by Google), but clearly relying on cherry-picked authorities and incorrect definitions and stylistically claiming to speak for all anarchists. Read more

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PETA needs to sit down, shut up, and go away

I have previously condemned People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals for its mass “euthanasia” of adoptable companion animals, accusing it of “tak[ing] on the role of a god.”[1] The organization still hasn’t taken the hint, even as yet more evidence has come to light, even as people who oppose animal rights gleefully point to its supreme hypocrisy.[2]¬† Refusing to discontinue what, given an anti-speciesist premise, can certainly only be compared to the Holocaust or other genocides, it has instead sought to suppress opponents with frivolous lawsuits.[3] Read more

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Nothing to worry about

In the seemingly endless battle between conservatives and the White House over Obamacare, that is, the health insurance reform that is, however pathetic, Barack Obama’s most significant accomplishment.[1] the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) released a report which, after the dust settled,[2] appears to mean that some workers will no longer be as desperate for work, because Obamacare means that they no longer need to be employed full-time to obtain health insurance.[3] Read more

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