Waking up to more idiocy

I’ve gotta quit waking up like this. This morning, in my mailbox, I find yet another diatribe, archived here, from the so-called “Coordination of Anarchist Groups,” claiming that anti-speciesism is a false solution to the environmental crisis.[1] (I dealt with their argument placing anarchism in a hermetically-sealed museum case yesterday.[2])

Good of them to acknowledge that there is an environmental crisis. But I have already dealt with the environmental effects of the livestock industry here,[3] and there is no need for me to recount the arguments here.

Suffice it to say that the need for people to go vegan, so as to better allocate resources, to reduce pollution, and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is beyond urgent. It is immediately imperative.[4] And there is no excuse—none—not to. I was a meat and potatoes eater for the first 49 years of my life. I still don’t like vegetables. If I can make the switch, anyone can. Even these embarrassing idiots who presume to speak for all anarchists.

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