An impatient capitalist god demands human sacrifice. Now.

See update for April 17, 2020 at end of post

Everywhere I go around Pittsburgh, I see signs of the sort businesses often put in front, that say, “We will get through this.” They reflect determination and aspiration, more that mandatory optimism that Thomas Frank attributed to authoritarian populists,[1] than a reality in which even people who thought they were “untouchable” are being laid off[2] and in which a lot of people whose subsistence-level incomes have left them without resources even to recover from the last recession, let alone to keep paying bills and rent in this one,[3] let alone to catch up arrears accrued while laid off during this one.

I finally got to a vegan restaurant where I buy coffee. (They have amazing biscuits and gravy, by the way.) The father of the family that runs the business is, I am guessing, I charitably hope, in the anger phase of those stages of grief I keep hearing about.

The truth is, Donald Trump let him down by focusing on the stock market rather than the then-potential and now real COVID-19 pandemic.[4] This father wants to know how every other country in the world has this under control (this isn’t quite true) and we don’t.[5] The problem isn’t really politicians he said, before going on a rant about Pennsylvania’s Democratic governor, Tom Wolf, whom he called “a dictator right now. He’s got to go. We gotta get him out of there.” (Wolf has progressively extended a shutdown order from a few counties for a few weeks to the entire state indefinitely[6] and has only a vague idea how he will allow the state to reopen.[7])

His anger is not alone. I picked up a man the other day who was convinced that the new 5G cellular technology was behind the pandemic. His evidence? A very weak correlation—at least one new influenza strain hits every year—between the flu and each of these advances in technology. It is not a conspiracy theory, he roared.

I point out to other folks that the capitalist god demands human sacrifice.[8] Some laugh; some just shake their heads. We all, even, I think, the father in that vegan restaurant, know the economy has to stay shut,[9] but there’s just no upside here. None of us know how we’re getting through this.

And what that means is that this entire neoliberal house of cards, in which the rich have gotten richer by subjecting workers to low wages and usurous debt slavery, is set to fall. Unless we sate that capitalist god’s appetite.

Update, April 17, 2020: Governor Tom Wolf has reiterated the vagueness of his plans for re-opening Pennsylvania, stating he has no specific timeline and blaming an absence of widespread testing,[10] which is indeed problematic for determining what portion of the population remains to be infected (assuming immunity for this virus even exists), and therefore the potential for overwhelming hospitals,[11] such as happened in New York City[12] and Wolf has said he means to avoid happening here.[13] I have updated the citation.

In this post, I note the anger of the father in a Jewish family that runs a vegan restaurant about the restrictions. I can now notice that his rhetoric in important respects echoed that of far-right, authoritarian populist and paleoconservative, protesters, some of whom espouse a conspiracy theory blaming Jews for the coronavirus (that causes COVID-19) and have attacked Jews.[14] This is getting really perverse.

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