On the plea for peace

Even as she fears the possibility, Andrea Mazzarino detests the prospect of a civil war in Amerikkka.[1] She is, of course, entirely correct to do so.

But she recognizes the hateful rhetoric and deeds of the right[2] that I have also commented on.[3] And she takes note[4] of a non-trivial possibility that Donald Trump might refuse to relinquish power and that he appears to be doing everything possible to avoid doing so even if he loses the election.[5]

That we even have to imagine a military solution to the usual peaceful transition of power [between presidents] is both absurd and 2020’s version of reality. That’s why what its enemies call “political correctness” – respect for standards of decorum, kindness, and the peaceful mechanisms of democracy – is vital. If you don’t like what the other side’s nominees say or do, then vote them down at the ballot box. Organize other voters. Write letters and attend town hall meetings. Support evidence-based journalism. But don’t debase the mechanisms that have, for centuries, allowed us to better our union.[6]

There are a couple problems here. First is that a partial cause of this division is a feckless elite that in fact depends upon that division to preserve its own power and privilege over the rest of us and that can only be removed through force of arms.[7] Until we do this, and—here’s the even harder part—manage to do so in a way that does not merely replicate the problem by replacing one set of thugs with another, we are doomed.

Second is a reality that we are already in a horrendously violent situation. Of most recent note, and as Mazzarino notes anecdotally,[8] police are disproportionately killing Blacks.[9] Of longer term note, the structural violence of social inequality kills through inequities in, among other things, housing, health care, food, and opportunity.[10]

Mazzarino is far from the first to plea at least for non-violence.[11] But non-violent social movements achieve incremental progress at a pace far slower[12] than lives and, indeed, the very planet (with the climate crisis) are being lost. The question is no longer about the avoidance of killing, but rather at best, how many will survive, and at worst, whether any will survive at all.

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