Voting for complicity

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One distinction I can draw between the presidential campaigns of Hillary Clinton in 2016 and Joe Biden in 2020 is that there could be little question that Clinton actually wanted the job. Biden seems more of a placeholder so the neoliberals can claim to still actually oppose Republicans.

They don’t, of course. Bill Clinton’s response to Republican attacks was to embrace their agenda,[1] as with so-called “welfare reform.”[2] Barack Obama embraced and extended George W. Bush’s policies,[3] refusing to prosecute war criminals[4] and bank fraudsters,[5] bailing out the latter and, with Obamacare, the health insurance and pharmaceutical industries.[6] Finally, Nancy Pelosi’s impeachment of Donald Trump was “[t]he stupidest impeachment ever, historically notable first for all the offenses it failed to charge Donald Trump with,[7] second for its utterly predictable futility, and third for its transparent (and apparently failed) attempt to protect Joe Biden.[8][9]

Now, in a pandemic, when people are losing their jobs and, hence, their health insurance,[10] we need Medicare For All more than ever,[11] but Biden thinks it would be an insult to his dead son.[12]

And when the Left calls out neoliberals for that complicity, the latter’s disdainful response can only be described as ugly, accusing the former of drug use and delusion.[13] Blue Texan cited a list of examples in 2010:

Wake up!”

Get over it.”

Get in gear, man.”

Right back at’cha. Right back at’cha.

That’s not reality.”

You know who you are.”[14]

When we look at the pandemic and health insurance, we cannot really say that Obama’s bailout for the health insurance industry is “reality,” as in actually responding to problems. Instead, for the neoliberal party, “reality” is nurturing corporate donors.

Update, September 20, 2020: CNN is reporting that “House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Sunday said she would not leverage a government shut down in order to slow down Republicans’ push to fill the Supreme Court vacancy following the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.” She thinks the way for people to stop Republicans from confirming a new justice is to vote but “pressed again on what Democrats may do, the House speaker said: ‘We have our options. We have arrows in our quiver that I’m not about to discuss right now.’”[15] This is not a way to refute my claim of neoliberal complicity with the Republicans[16] who are rushing to replace Ginsburg[17] following her demise a mere two days ago [September 18].[18] I have previously commented on Republican hypocrisy in doing so.[19]

Update, September 21, 2020: I comment further on this situation in a new blog post entitled, “On ‘vote shaming.’

Update, September 26, 2020: A Raw Story article cites a number of ways that the Democrats aren’t really resisting the Republicans,[20] a point I have also made.[21] It did not, so far as I could find, refer specifically to Elizabeth Warren. It does mention the other senator from Massachusetts, Ed Markey.[22] That said,

When you hear the word comity, especially in reference to the U.S. Senate, think of this privileged, legalistic view.

The absence of an actual stake is a serious barrier to Congressional action on problems affecting the poor and working class.[23] It also means we have further reason to expect that the neoliberal party to acquiesce to Donald Trump’s attempt to steal the election.[24]

Update, October 1, 2020: Nancy Pelosi has been catching a lot of flak for saying this:

One of my prayers is that the Republicans will take back their party. The country needs a strong Republican Party. It’s done so much for our country, and to have it be hijacked as a cult at this time is really a sad thing for America.[25]

I would have to argue that the criticism is misdirected. Yes, certainly it appears that Pelosi is seeking a party she might putatively oppose but be able to work with, or more precisely, to be complicit with (as, in fact, the Democrats really already are[26]). But the claim that the Republican Party has been ‘hijacked’ is what truly deserves criticism.

Thomas Frank has repeatedly argued that the Democrats spurned the working class and converted them into the toxic authoritarian populists we see today.[27] And while that isn’t the whole story,[28] it’s certainly the case that Republican ranks have been swelled by disaffected workers. That authoritarian populists, conflated with social conservatives and paleoconservatives, make up a majority of Republican voters and now control the party does not make that party a ‘cult.’ It reflects what Frank argues: That the Democrats betrayed workers and will never again get their vote.

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