The whiteness of impeachment

Which is more serious? Abusing children, separating them from their parents, and putting them in concentration camps? Or pressuring a foreign government to investigate a domestic opponent?

For the neoliberal (Democratic) party, and to the extent that we can treat Nancy Pelosi as a proxy for that party, it is clearly the latter. Pelosi resisted an impeachment inquiry until it emerged that Donald Trump had wanted Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden[1] over his son’s cushy job on the board of directors at a Ukrainian firm.[2] She was somewhat less concerned to get her act together coordinating with Chuck Schumer on tougher restrictions[3] on children being held in concentration camps on the border with Mexico.[4] And rather than accept responsibility for that failure, she chewed out progressives for expressing their outrage.[5]

Concentration camps are a crime against humanity, unquestionably a “high crime” or “misdemeanor.” Hunter Biden’s job is yet another sickening but normal example of how the elite protect their own.[6] So Pelosi is more concerned to protect Joe Biden than, well, just about anything else. And Joe Biden is a “touch feely” misogynist,[7] a racist,[8] who even managed to combine the two.[9] This, not children, is what Pelosi is concerned to protect.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez declined to call Pelosi a racist.[10] But given that those children are ‘brown,’ the children of migrants crossing the U.S.-Mexican border, given how hard it would be to imagine, let’s say, Norwegian children[11] receiving that treatment, and given the candidate whose defense Pelosi rises to, I’m having a real hard time swallowing that. At the very least, Pelosi accepts enabling Trump’s bigotry as political business as usual but threatening a racist’s candidacy with a foreign investigation as an impeachable offense.

Pretty much since Pelosi announced the impeachment inquiry, I’ve been asking whether we would be here had Trump targeted any other candidate. The answer will depend upon the degree of your cynicism: Is this really about principle? Or is it really about protecting so-called “Democratic centrism,” that is, neoliberalism?[12] At this point, I’m pretty sure it’s the latter.

And I’m also pretty sure that these neoliberals are just fine with racism.

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