Off with their heads

See update for August 19, 2020, at end of post

Pittsburgh has not been at the forefront of racial justice protests, but they’ve been happening here nonetheless, and so in a sense, this city makes a better candidate for a case study than an outlier like Portland.[1] Pittsburgh mayor Bill Peduto initially responded like an thoroughly contemptible asshole,[2] then improved a bit.[3]

The trouble with the mayor’s response was really that it fell into the pattern aptly described by Bill Moyer (not Moyers) in Doing Democracy, where elites mostly offer fine-sounding words and a bare minimum action meant to seem reasonable—even generous—to the larger population, while deferring substantive progress,[4] in Pittsburgh, a profoundly racist—even white supremacist—area[5] where, especially in outlying areas, “Blue Lives Matters” flags and bumper stickers and “We support our police” yard signs are distressingly common. Moyer’s plan calls for repetition of protest ad nauseum and incremental progress.[6] Particularly when we get to topics like the climate crisis, such an approach is unlikely to be sufficient. Meanwhile, police are killing people,[7] which ought to raise the urgency a bit.

Protesters have accordingly not been mollified. As I have noted, even apart from institutional racism, police are a troubling institution that, even in theory, are unlikely to be a correct solution.[8] Defunding them[9] would be at best a bare beginning to the problems of a foundationally unjust system.[10] And now we have this spectacle:

You have officers in plainclothes in an unmarked vehicle [arresting a protester]. Those are not tactics to be used in the city of Pittsburgh.[11]

Now protesters want the mayor’s head.[12] I certainly don’t blame them, although in the context of the present order, his replacement seems unlikely to me to be any better.

I’m still not seeing how we survive the present crises, namely a pandemic, a recession that threatens to turn into a depression, and economic and racial injustice, let alone the climate crisis, short of a revolution. The elites will not go peacefully. I’m not a fan of violent revolution; I see it as replacing one set of thugs with another. But these elites are clearly not up to the challenge and I’m just not seeing an alternative.[13]

Update, August 19, 2020: Bill Peduto condemned the plainclothes arrest of a protester mentioned in this post and ordered that such tactics not be used in future misdemeanor arrests,[14] but protesters continued to target him, demonstrating outside his home. It would seem the mayor does not appreciate demonstrations that disturb the neighbors in the wee hours. Poor baby. He could have met with them as they demanded, but instead accused one of a felony.[15]

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