On the likely departure of Donald Trump

See update for December 11, 2020 at end of post.

With the Associated Press having called results in all but Alaska, Georgia, and North Carolina, it very much appears that Joe Biden has won the presidency.[1] Certainly the celebrations I saw yesterday (November 7) in Pittsburgh suggest that people think this black hole presidency is over. And I will set aside for now that, to borrow a fat-shaming colloquialism, the fat lady hasn’t sung, that is, that Donald Trump is still desperately attempting to cling to office and may yet attempt further nefarious schemes to do so.[2]

We are in a weird place now, an interregnum if you will, where Trump in fact remains in office, Biden has not yet taken it. This is a time when the victors have high hopes for the future, but are not yet accountable for their lofty promises, and the losers go through the notorious stages of grief, including denial, including resistance. It remains to be seen how the delusional raging narcissist-in-chief will handle his loss and, indeed, how various heavily armed groups he has effectively allied himself with will handle his loss.[3]

Biden promises—I can’t emphasize that word heavily enough—a return to “normal,” by which he means an era of comity in which Republicans and Democrats could work together for the benefit of the country. The evidence suggests that this is far from the case, that given any opportunity, Republicans will obstruct.[4] It appears there will be special elections in Georgia, where the presidential outcome remains uncalled,[5] to determine control of the Senate,[6] but even if Democrats prevail—this is Georgia we’re talking about—the filibuster will likely mean continued partisan gridlock. Never mind if the obstructionist and shameless hypocrite Mitch McConnell[7] emerges yet again as majority leader.

And that “normal” is not in any case such a wonderful thing. A bipartisan consensus took the fall of the Berlin Wall as an affirmation of the Amerikkkan way,[8] boosting neoconservative imperial aspirations (allegedly in “defense” of the Amerikkkan system) and neoliberalism as a neoconservative moral imperative.[9] This, of course, is a false dichotomy: The collapse of the Soviet Union and the Iron Curtain at least partly reflected internal problems[10] and the failure of authoritarian socialism cannot in itself affirm capitalism or a constitutional oligarchy.[11] Most of the wars that the U.S. remains entangled in predate Trump. And neoliberalism has been intellectually utterly discredited[12] but remains a governing dogma.

It is this dogma that I blame for Trump’s ascent in the first place,[13] and I see no way now to exclude the possibility or even probability that four more years of neoliberal-imposed misery will promote yet another, even more dangerous version of Trump, one perhaps that the elite will be more comfortable with, perhaps less erratic, perhaps less blatant in his appeals to white supremacy and to right-wing militia groups. Mike Pence, perhaps.

“Normal” is, indeed, entirely the wrong answer to the problems this country faces and it really offers no answer at all to the polarization that has only intensified during Trump’s time in the White House but which can easily be traced to Bill Clinton’s presidency,[14] and, on reflection, I would date back at least to Jimmy Carter’s presidency, when Republicans mocked Carter’s “Rose Garden” strategy of focusing on the Iran Hostage Crisis while going behind his back to negotiate with the Iranian government to delay the hostages’ release[15] until—get this—Ronald Reagan’s inauguration day, indeed “[m]inutes after Ronald Reagan’s inauguration.”[16] McConnell’s obstructionist treachery, we should understand, is far from the beginning.

There is a curse, unsubstantively attributed to the Chinese, “May you live in interesting times,”[17] that has become cliché. It remains apt.

Update, December 11, 2020: I had regarded the calls for and threats—both implicit and explicit—of violence[18] to overturn the election results, even as the court system resoundingly rejects legal efforts toward the same end,[19] principally as an authoritarian populist phenomenon, though I thought surely that some extremist paleoconservatives (including white supremacists) would surely join in.

It seems I was wrong. At least one social conservative has echoed that call. I should emphasize here that the author of this article, Rod Dreher, is, I believe, a traditionalist conservative, normally sympathetic with social conservatives. I don’t agree with him on much. But he expresses horror at his friend’s call for bloodshed.[20]

Dreher skillfully describes the hysteria that is at work here. He is alarmed[21] and I am alarmed: If enough people call for violence, some people will be violent, especially when they believe their god commands it.

This seems to underscore my recent thinking that the distinctions I drew between authoritarian populists, paleoconservatives, and social conservatives in my dissertation, even given that such distinctions are fuzzy,[22] are really rather dubious.[23]

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