A bicycle on a steep downward slope towards a brick wall

As a hard Brexit looms (nothing has changed here—it is still the legal default[1]), as Boris Johnson’s government keeps pedaling its bicycle at a brick wall,[2] and as plotters plot to prevent it but lack a certain path to do so,[3] there was a suggestion that a “humble petition” might be passed by Parliament asking the Queen to travel to Brussels to ask for an extension to the Brexit deadline.[4] “Earlier this week, John McDonnell, the shadow chancellor, threatened to send the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn to Buckingham Palace ‘in a cab’ taxi to tell the Queen that the Opposition would be Labour is ‘taking over’ if Mr Johnson were to lose a no-confidence vote but refused to resign.”[5] (Would he bow?[6] Inquiring minds want to know.) It appears Her Majesty isn’t interested.[7]

Which is to say that Parliament, the very same Parliament that hasn’t been able to agree on any Brexit option,[8] will have to get its shit together.[9] To say I am skeptical about the prospects for this happening would understate it; I might be wrong, but I think this impossible.

I now think a hard Brexit is all but certain.

Yesterday (August 9), I noted that a hard Brexit is one of a number of factors in the possibility of a stock market crash and global recession that a number of folks are predicting.[10] I’m not competent to make such forecasts myself and I don’t know that the crash and economic downturn will indeed materialize. But there will certainly be collateral damage from a hard Brexit simply because no country’s economic system—not even North Korea’s—exists in isolation. I just don’t know how much, how widespread, or how that collateral damage interacts with other factors in that possibility.

One of the problems of systems theory is that I can see possible tipping points and hypothesize that some things are not going to be the same. But this is an emergent situation. How it plays is unknown. The one thing I can tell you for certain is that anyone who claims to know is an arrogant asshole, full of shit.

In reality, that applies to Brexit itself as well. The feedbacks in Parliament might yet prevent the worst. I’m just not seeing it.

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