Live at the new site

So this is weird. I’m actually back on my old blog putting in an entry here, rather than on my new blog. LiveJournal has been great, but something that has really annoyed me is that I can’t search all my entries going back quite some number of years.

And the new blog, on my Linode (which needs upgrading), isn’t just a blog but a social network and content management system. It runs on Drupal, which offers a lot of capability that never really got off the ground here.

The old blog will continue to be updated. There are modules for that. But–and I’ve discovered I actually have readers (besides my mother)–the real action will be at the new place. It’s intended to be a community; you can create an account or log in with an OpenID. I don’t have Facebook or LinkedIn connectivity because I wasn’t able to get it working; that might be just as well, for privacy reasons.

So why am I putting this entry here? I’m trying to complete the synchronization of this blog to the new, so all the content is there. I’m hoping this entry will tickle it. I had some problems when I tried this before and the synchronization process got interrupted midstream. So now I’ve got some of the old blog entries copied but not all. I doubt it will work, but it’s worth a shot.

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