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22 April 2010, west Sonoma County:

This is a house at the corner of Guerneville and Vine Hill Roads, northeast of Graton.  It is surrounded by vineyards and there appears to be a winery to the right, well below road level.


This picture was taken from Piezzi Road near Occidental Road, east of Graton.


This is the Laguna de Santa Rosa, north of Sebastopol.  I'm told this entire plain was once a lake.  The area here is now seasonal wetland.


This was taken at Bodega Bay, from Lucas Wharf, looking towards Doran Beach.  The beach is actually on the other side of those trees.


These boats were docked at Lucas Wharf.  Once upon a time, they would have been commercial fishing boats, but the salmon fishery in this area is now nearly exhausted.


This was taken from one of a series of beaches north of Bodega Bay.


This is Jenner, shot from Goat Rock Beach, looking across the Russian River.


This is another view of the Russian River, shot from very nearly the same location as the shot of Jenner above.


This was at Goat Rock Beach.


These rocks are at the mouth of the Russian River in the Pacific Ocean.  This picture was taken from Goat Rock Beach.

27 April 2010, west Marin County:

This is Nicasio Reservoir, taken from Pt. Reyes-Petaluma Road.

A meadow on the west side of Highway One, between Olema and Bolinas.

A sandpiper on Wharf Road Beach, Bolinas.

Looking up the Coast Range from Wharf Road Beach.

A meadow off of Brighton Road, Bolinas.

Highway One, looking south from Red Rock Beach parking lot (the road surface is obscured).

Most likely a Red-Tail Hawk, taken from the Red Rock Beach parking lot.

Clouds taken from the Red Rock Beach parking lot as the sun was setting.

Sunset over Bolinas, taken from Red Rock Beach parking lot.

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