Normalized pedophilia and other discrepancies of the young

This ad (figure 1) keeps showing up in, of all places, a Times of Israel newsletter:

Fig. 1. Screenshot taken by author from Times of Israel newsletter on July 24, 2021, fair use.

Has it never occurred to the people who are determined to eviscerate every last pubic hair that they seek to reproduce the appearance of pre-pubescent genitalia? That such a determination is, to me, evidence of pedophilia?

Note as well the model’s heavily tattooed arms; she is clearly meant to be enticing to today’s young men: Shaved balls make her wet—such is the not so very implicit message here.

I get that this marketing is not aimed at me. (C)rap music, hip hop are obnoxious; even the language that today’s young use are increasingly mysterious to me. It’s at least in part a generational thing: Each generation has to set itself apart, to forge its own identity, from its elders. I’m meant to be antagonized. And so I am.

Nowadays, everyone must be tattooed, even if only a little. Everyone must have body piercings. Everyone must love that damn music that’s been a scourge for thirty, if not forty years (you’d think it’d be getting, horror of horrors, old by now). Everyone, except whites, an exclusion that admittedly seems to be in dispute, must call Black people the n-word and women the b-word. And anyone who doesn’t is old and out of touch.

So yes, I’m old and out of touch. But young men have been doing incredibly stupid things to entice young women (with mixed results) since time immemorial, so this seems more like conformity than rebellion. And do y’all really have to put your pedophilia and your hate speech in my face constantly?

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