Hypocrisy, Pennsylvania Style

In California, I used to love to go for long drives along the California coast. There is a wildness along the shores of the Pacific and in the forests that I loved. I mourned as vineyards ate up more and more farmland.

In Pennsylvania, when I find myself in rural spaces, I am beset by a wholly unpleasant dissonance. On the one hand, the countryside is spectacular, with deciduous forests more lush than anything I ever saw in California. The farmland recalls memories of my childhood—I had farming relatives—and still look the same. The towns have a look, particularly with small churches with steeples, that you simply won’t find out west.

But it’s not a place I want to be. Because I also see, even yesterday (January 26), after a coup attempt[1] that Donald Trump incited,[2] even after Joe Biden’s heavily fortified inauguration,[3] campaign signs and flags proclaiming support for Trump are everywhere to be seen. Rural Pennsylvania is, as Politico reports, Trump country.[4]

It isn’t just, as James Carville allegedly described it, that “Pennsylvania is Philadelphia and Pittsburgh with Alabama in between.”[5] Certainly the white supremacy that support for Trump necessarily entails, with the thin blue line flags, the only-now nearly absent Confederate flags, the Gadsden (“Don’t Tread On Me”) flags, the occasional upside down U.S. flags, the gun nuttery that’s more about alleged “self-defense” (against Blacks who are presumed criminals) than hunting, and the ubiquitous, especially in Westmoreland County, “pro-life” proclamations against women’s reproductive autonomy, all inform me that were I to live in these areas, I would despise my neighbors. Even more than that is an idea that you can fly the U.S. flag, pin it on your lapel, post banners proclaiming that you “stand for the flag” (in opposition to athletes’ taking a knee during the national anthem) as I see so often along the Ohio River in Beaver County, thump your chest with a too-overwrought-to-be-credible “reverence” for veterans, and then support sedition.[6]

I remember realizing as a kid in San Francisco that the “justice for all” in the Pledge of Allegiance that so many Trumpsters claim to revere, “under God,” of course, could not end on the Pacific shore, that it necessarily must extend overseas to the war we were waging in southeast Asia and the cruelty inflicted on civilians. I could only oppose that war but I recognized then the hypocrisy of U.S. patriotism. It turned my stomach.

Now I see, still on some of those flags and some of those banners that still support Trump, “Fuck Your Feelings” and “Make A Liberal Cry.” “Justice” does not even extend within our own country to Trump’s opposition. I see a widespread poverty that afflicts Blacks much more than whites and I know that “justice” does not extend even to those who, in generations past, we abducted from their homes and enslaved here. I notice the absence of any mention of American Indians whose land we stole and now occupy. I see the signs that demand of Governor Tom Wolf that he should “reopen Pennsylvania” despite a raging pandemic that has killed, at this writing, over 425,000 of Trumpsters’ fellow countrymen, and nearly 21,000 of their fellow Pennsylvanians,[7] and I see that “justice” is for white male capitalists, at not merely the expense of everyone else, but at a cost in lives that can never be recovered.

It isn’t just that these people are bonkers, right wingnuts. It is that they so often take pleasure in the misery of others. It isn’t just that they are, as Hillary Clinton infamously but rightly described them, “deplorables,”[8] but that they are unrepentant and vicious bullies who bathe in their own venom.

The revulsion I felt as a kid to the Vietnam War, I feel again. In rural Pennsylvania.

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