A Pyrrhic victory

The Democrats don’t care about the poor and, Mike Davis argues in the London Review of Books, it showed up in the election results from, among other places, the Rio Grande Valley of Texas:[1]

As the fantasy of great gains in Texas dissipated, Democrats were stunned to discover that a high turnout had instead propelled a Trump surge along the border. In the three Rio Grande Valley counties (the agricultural corridor from Brownsville to Rio Grande City), which Clinton had carried by 39 per cent, Biden achieved a margin of only 15 per cent. More than half of the population of Starr County, an ancient battlefield of the Texas farmworkers’ movement, lives in poverty, yet Trump won 47 per cent of the vote there, an incredible gain of 28 points from 2016. Further up river he actually flipped 82 per cent Latino Val Verde County (county seat: Del Rio) and increased his vote in Maverick County (Eagle Pass) by 24 points and Webb County (Laredo) by 15 points. The Democratic congressman Vincente Gonzalez (McAllen) had to fight down to the wire to save the seat he won by 21 per cent in 2018. Even in El Paso, a hotbed of Democratic activism, Trump made a six point gain. Considering South Texas as a whole, the Democrats had great hopes of winning the 21st Congressional District, which connects San Antonio and Austin, as well as the 78 per cent Latino 23rd Congressional District, which is anchored in the western suburbs of San Antonio but encompasses a vast swathe of southwest Texas. In both cases, the Republicans won fairly easily.[2]

Albeit probably in part due to Barack Obama’s record as a neoliberal (these policies help propel northward migration[3]) and as “deporter-in-chief,”[4] Joe Biden couldn’t even get the Latinx vote in the river valley that divides the United States from Mexico. Even when Donald Trump and the Republicans have been relentless in their demonization of human beings from south of the border.[5] Even when Trump locked migrants and their kids up in concentration camps.[6]

The Democrats are simply too comfortable with the status quo. Think of Nancy Pelosi and her very, very expensive refrigerators stocked with very, very expensive ice cream that must be flown in just for her (because probably nobody else in San Francisco has even heard of that brand).[7]

Even as a pandemic rages,[8] Joe Biden promises a veto of Medicare For All, saying, among other things, that it would be an insult to his dead son.[9] Even as the lockdown has cost millions their jobs,[10] their homes,[11] and, oh, by the way, their health insurance,[12] they let Republicans bottle up even the barest economic response,[13] never mind one that would actually work,[14] because it just isn’t that urgent for either party.[15]

The Democrats have no substantive answer for Rust Belt workers (or workers anywhere else) whatsoever,[16] even as an inescapably racist[17] fury in southwestern Pennsylvania among those who’ve lost their manufacturing jobs and among their children leads to a plethora of Confederate[18] and thin blue line flags and probably even more conspiracy theories.[19] All Democrats offer are just the same platitudes we’ve been hearing for decades.

Platitudes don’t put food on the table. Platitudes don’t pay the rent. Platitudes don’t pay for trips to the doctor. Platitudes don’t buy shoes for the children. Platitudes don’t pay for the Internet connections those children need to continue their schooling during lockdowns. Platitudes don’t relieve a sense of being utterly forsaken and profoundly abandoned.

But platitudes are really all we ever get from the Democrats. Platitudes, especially when they want our votes, but like the ones we heard endlessly from Obama when joblessness persisted following the financial crisis.[20]

The United States, as pundits hourly remind us, is now cleaved into two almost equal-sized political universes. But power abhors stalemates and clearly in the present world the evolution is towards differential experiments in post-fascist oligarchy and pseudo-democracy. A weak and court-enchained Biden-Harris White House, built on the betrayal of progressives and subservient to a donor class of Silicon Valley and Wall Street billionaires, will face a new depression without the wind of popular enthusiasm at its back. Where does this point except to total destruction in the 2022 midterm and the further triumph of the new darkness?[21]

I try not to call must-reads too often, but this London Review of Books article by Davis most definitely qualifies. Drop everything. Read this now.

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