This is not just extremist right-wing violence. It is our violence. And we must own it.

In the wake of three incidents of xenophobic and extreme right-wing violence,[1] some are pointing a blaming finger at Donald Trump, who feeds and feeds upon what’s properly called hierarchically invidious monism, a prominent feature of—some might call it a “mother’s milk” for—authoritarian populism:

Lorraine Code criticizes classical logic for a requirement that “[e]verything has to be either A or Not-A, for A and Not-A exhaust all possibilities. Continuity between the terms is a logical impossibility.”[2] This binary is not simply a dualism, for as we progressively conflate A and Not-A with binaries such as true and false, right and wrong, us and them, healthy and ill, white and Black, male and female, rich and poor, etc., it is clear 1) that such binaries are not value-neutral, 2) that one side of each binary is preferred over the other, and 3) that persons associated with the preferred side of each binary benefit from privilege.[3] Because of this, Elizabeth Minnich rejects the term dualism to refer to such binaries, preferring instead the term hierarchically invidious monism.[4][5]

There are several causes, as I note in an update to the latest issue of the Irregular Bullshit, including alienation, which is inherent to the valorization of individualism in neoliberalism; sports and entertainment that promotes hierarchically invidiously monistic thinking, where “our” team must defeat “their” team or the Cowboys must defeat the American Indians or cops must defeat robbers or, more generally, that the “good guys” must defeat the “bad guys;” a cultural peculiarity in which many individuals’ self-identity is inseparable from their guns even as guns facilitate many, but not all, acts of violence; empire as perhaps the ultimate mass expression of hierarchically invidious monism in the enslavement and subjection of anyone who is not a religious, political, economic, or military elite,[6] but especially those in conquered territory, including all of the western hemisphere, Africa, and the Middle East; and the colonial legacy of resentment feeding resentment.

You might notice I have not listed Trump as one of those causes. Much as the Left justifiably vilifies him, he is not a linear cause. I said above that he feeds and feeds upon hierarchically invidious monism, as seen in his reaction to the violence in Charlottesville,[7] in his and his administration’s anti-migrant actions and rhetoric,[8] and in too many other incidents to catalog. This is a feedback of mutual causation. History includes precedents suggesting that we may have a long ways to go before another feedback retards what we might call the Trumpian feedback. Further, what we see is that a “solution” to right-wing extremism is never “final.”[9] This undermines claims of social progress.

And you might notice that I have pointed to a number of cultural traits in our society. We may think “[t]hese senseless acts of violence are not who we are as Americans,”[10] but in fact they are. And until we stop celebrating violence in so many forms, they will continue.

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  9. [9]Paleoconservatives, who include the right-wing extremists apparently behind these attacks, perceive whites as being under genocidal siege by “browns” (presumably including Latinx, Middle Eastern and North African people, and Asians) and Blacks (generalized to include people of sub-Saharan origin). Any backlash to right-wing violence feeds this narrative.
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