Turning human survival into a partisan contest

I wound up tagging along with my mother and a couple of her friends to a concert benefiting the Occidental Center for the Arts tonight. We got dinner at the Union Hotel, where I was fortunate our server was vegetarian and well-prepared to help me through to getting a vegan meal at a decidedly non-vegan place when it turned out the menu I had downloaded that made me think I could eat there was out of date.

The first thing I want to say about these performers is that they are wonderful musicians. Holly Near is an amazing vocalist, Barbara Higbie is supremely talented on multiple instruments, and Jan Martinelli could have been given a bit more volume on bass—she also occasionally played an acoustic guitar.

But I’m thinking more of the ethic of folk music. It celebrates struggles which may seem very large and very important except when viewed against what seems to be an increasing likelihood that we as a species will be extinct in a few decades.[1] Near really didn’t take this on. She worries instead about the prospect that a racist and misogynist Donald Trump may be elected as president this November and completely fails to address the despair that inspires his support.[2] As I sat near the rear, looked at the audience and the performers on stage, I saw people who will very likely vote for Hillary Clinton, who is even more a neoconservative and neoliberal than Barack Obama.[3] They advocate peace but will vote for someone who has been disastrously wrong on every major foreign policy issue over the last twenty-five years and who promises much more war to come.[4] They care about the environment but will support a neoliberal whose economic views have never been sustainable even economically,[5] let alone environmentally.[6]

These are people, in short, who think a bit of reform will make the world a better place that will enable them to continue to live their comfortable lives. They are people who utterly fail to grasp the magnitude of our system of social organization’s failings even as they pay lip service to acknowledging the threats facing humanity. For them, all that’s required is voting a Democrat—it doesn’t even matter which Democrat—into the presidency this November.

Near sang a song expressing fear of what people will do in the names of their deities. In it she expressed no fear of churches, temples, or borders. But she restored the original meaning of the word Kumbaya while obliterating the phrase “my Lord” in singing it.

It is absolutely true that people on the right are a problem. As I explain elsewhere,

Conservatives really are authoritarians[7] and, while the relationship between ideology and attachment style is somewhat less than perfect,[8] they generally express insecure attachment issues.[9] They devalue empirical evidence in favor of so-called ‘transcendent’ knowledge, which is to say, they knowingly and persistently engage in the naturalistic fallacy. Worse, they celebrate the suffering their ideology imposes as “God’s will” or in the name of the market.[10]

But in looking at the right, we turn human survival into a partisan contest and overlook much more fundamental problems.

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