Passivity in the face of calamity

As a species, we are probably doomed, possibly to be extinct within 100 years.[1] This is not much consolation for the planet, as we are taking so many other species with us, having plowed into the earth’s sixth major extinction event.[2] This is the result of a system of social organization that with the exception of some indigenous peoples still on the fringes of society, most of us have either adopted or had forced upon us beginning with the Neolithic, an authoritarian system of social organization that can only maintain itself through expansion, requiring ever more resources on a finite planet.[3]

Through our continued acquiescence to this system of social organization, we put the elites where they are, in positions of political, economic, and military power over us, that they exploit in economic systems of exchange that inherently favor whomever has the greater power to say no.[4] In turn, they devalue us with a so-called “free” market that assigns totalizing, artificial, reductive, and quantitative (money) values to each of us. I am unemployable, therefore worthless. Traditionally female gender role care-giving positions such as child care workers, many convalescent home workers, and even school teachers are worth a pittance.  But a CEO makes millions and is worth infinitely more.[5]

What does this have to do with merit? Merit is the rationale, the assumption of the rich that they are entitled to their positions and entitled to judge the worthiness of the rest of us. In fact, meritocracy is not meritocracy at all but rather a means by which the rich and powerful protect their positions of power and privilege over the rest of us.[6] And they protect this power and privilege even at the expense of our survival.

Our society and system of social organization are unsustainable in multiple and interconnected ways,[7] but our only response to radically increasing social inequality and environmental devastation has been protest, which has inspired talk but changed little. Elites do not see themselves as answerable to the people and have historically resented any implication that they are.[8] Instead, they see the people as a threat, a threat to be spied upon.[9]

Accordingly, protest draws an increasingly militarized police response. This appears to have little to do with officer safety, and everything to do with treating unarmed civilians, especially protesters on the left, as the enemy.[10]

The message is clear: If you are concerned for human survival, let alone for the planetary ecosystem, you are the enemy. If you are concerned for social justice, you are the enemy. If you are even just minding your own business, you may very well be the enemy. If you are fortunate, you will be ignored. If you are unfortunate, you will bear the full weight of a state response that sides with corporations over human beings.[11]

In stark contrast, Cliven Bundy and his pals were armed when they drove off the Bureau of Land Management but have not been arrested.[12] They have since set up armed checkpoints on roads near his property, threatened further violence, and still not been arrested.[13] And right wing militia have been  intimidating and shooting at federal workers but generally not arrested.[14]

This message is also clear: Gun nuts and right wing militia are not the enemy. Only people on the left are the enemy.

After a series of postings about how this country has probably become fascist, how people are indeed worse off than when Obama took office, and on the futility of voting,[15] my friends have mostly—not entirely, but mostly—shut up about voting. But I still do not see anything like what needs to happen happening.

This, ultimately, is why we now seem likely to go extinct. We are confronted with multiple existential threats but we will not do what it takes to survive. The vast majority of us will not even go vegan,[16] even though this is probably the easiest and single most effective thing an individual can do to help the environment.[17] Our system of social organization, as flawed as it is, as repressive as it is, and as violent as it is, has succeeded in reducing us from citizens to consumers. For our acquiescence to elite inaction, we become as responsible as the elites for a failure to act. And even as it becomes clear that an anti-capitalist and anti-consumerist revolution is an essential response to climate change, let alone other environmental catastrophes, let alone social inequality, we are passive in the face of calamity.[18]

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