Buying land

I’ve taken a plunge. It’s a pretty cheap plunge, but a plunge nonetheless. It is land, land not very far from Harbin Hot Springs, or at least, a lot closer than I am now. Harbin Hot Springs uses ozone rather than chlorine to sanitize the water in its pools and is much more vegan-friendly than Lupin.

If all goes well, I will be graduating with a Master’s Degree next year. I hope to continue on towards a PhD in the Transformative Studies program at California Institute for Integral Studies. This is an online program; for the most part I do not need to be in any particular place to participate in this program.

I am paying $750 per month to be at Lupin and spending over $300 per month on gasoline getting back and forth to CSU East Bay. In contrast, my mortgage will be less than $200 per month; it will be paid off in three years. The land will need some minimal development in order to be habitable. I hope to surround the property with trees and put something minimally habitable on it that won’t substantially raise the property taxes.

It appears there is geothermal in the area. The land is on a northward facing slope.

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