A more nuanced view of Mugabe

All we hear about Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe in U.S. mainstream media is how he has mismanaged the country, fixed elections, and expropriated white farmers’ land. Interviewed by al-Jazeera, journalist Heidi Holland offers a different perspective:

I think he is a disillusioned man today. He is a man who came to office with a very utopian view of life and over the years he has had to accept that things have not worked out the way he intended.

Unfortunately, because he is a very intellectual man and not really emotionally grounded at all, his response to disillusionment, rejection and humiliation is anger.

Anger turns to revenge. I think that came through in his answers.

I think I got quite a good insight into quite a bitter man, a man with a lot of grievances; some of which I have to say are founded against the West, and Britain in particular.

Holland sees Mugabe as emotionally under-developed, brutal, and self-righteous, but not solely to blame for Zimbabwe’s problems.

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