No more excuses

Democrat Jim Webb has claimed victory in Virginia. If he’s right, Democrats will have gained majority control of the Senate as well as the House of Representatives. There is some question, as his margin amounts to 0.3%. And the vote is close enough that Republicans might ask for a recall.

With control of both houses of Congress, Democrats would have no more excuses for their policy of appeasement toward the Republicans. If they really represent progressives, rather than just pander for their votes, we should see a cut-off of further funding funding for the adventure in Iraq. We should see serious investigations of White House abuses. And there should be absolutely no further concessions on civil liberties. We should see serious pushes, forcing Bush vetoes or concessions, on economic and environmental issues. We should see a push to repeal all the laws infringing civil liberties that have passed under this administration. We should absolutely see a push for impeachment.

There are lots of other things I’d like to see too. But those would be far too much to expect of the Democrats, who are, after all, really just another group of elites competing for power in what is really a one-party system.

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