Meanwhile, in our other crusade…

For a look at the fighting in Afghanistan, check out this story in the Canadian media.

A caution is important. The stories related here supposedly come in e-mail messages from soldiers on the ground in Afghanistan. These stories are horrific and have the effect of demonizing the Taliban; they have greater credibility because

they are not coming through official channels, nor through the newspaper reports and television broadcasts of the Canadian, British and U.S. forces who fight under the NATO banner in the war-torn country.

Those reports are governed by a contract that restricts the movements of journalists and the types of information that can be reported from Afghanistan. Unlike the official accounts, those from soldiers are the descriptions that the government does not want Canadians to see. They come directly from the soldiers in the field who have relayed the grisly details of combat through Internet postings and e-mails to friends and family back home.

Observe that the claim that these “are the descriptions that the government does not want Canadians to see” goes unchallenged; it is supported from a National Defence spokeswoman who says (paraphrased) “the July account of fighting by the Canadian officer is the type of material the military would rather not see widely circulated.”

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