Lost e-mail

I have spent most of the last day and a half converting my primary server from Linux to FreeBSD. I’ve been nervous about Linux being directly on the net since it turned out that there were multiple copies of an insecure version of the gzip library in the Linux kernel code a while ago. My server is now directly on the net, which will allow things like FTP to work, which apparently can’t be made to work across a firewall despite the instructions to be found on the web.

Unfortunately, I used FreeBSD ports to install Dan Bernstein’s software. Bad idea. Very bad idea. Who knows how much e-mail I have lost. I have wound up going through every configuration with a fine-tooth comb. I was also unable to run multiple instances of tinydns and dnscache on FreeBSD; my local DNS and white and blacklisting now runs on my OpenBSD router, where it has no problem.

I’m hoping the e-mail lists are up now. And I’m hoping I haven’t been unsubscribed from too many news site lists. We’ll see.

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