White House: “When it comes to human rights, there is no greater leader than the United States”

According to the BBC, Condoleeza Rice “will tell European allies to ‘back off'” on allegations “that the CIA had been using Soviet-era camps in eastern Europe to detain and interrogate terror suspects” as reported by the Washington Post on 2 November 2005 and that “the German government has a list of at least 437 flights suspected of being operated by the CIA in German airspace” which may have been in extraordinary rendition operations. Rice’s attitude will be that “We’re all in this together and you [the European Union] need to look at yourselves as much as us.”

Meanwhile, the Washington Post has uncovered an account of an extraordinary rendition gone awry. “Unlike the military’s prison for terrorist suspects at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba — where 180 prisoners have been freed after a review of their cases — there is no tribunal or judge to check the evidence against those picked up by the CIA.”

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