Valerie Plame was undercover

Supposedly, a group of former CIA employees have sent a letter–the authenticity of which I cannot verify–explaining that even people with desk jobs at Langley may be undercover and thus need protection.

The disclosure of Ms. Plame’s name was a shameful event in American history and, in our professional judgment, may have damaged U.S. national security and poses a threat to the ability of U.S. intelligence gathering using human sources. Any breach of the code of confidentiality and cover weakens the overall fabric of intelligence, and, directly or indirectly, jeopardizes the work and safety of intelligence workers and their sources.

The letter also cites instances in which Republicans have tried to downplay this leak.

The chair of the Communication Department at California State University East Bay and I have a $5 bet on whether Karl Rove keeps his job through December. Dr. Terrell thinks Rove will soon be gone and that what may work with the White House press corps (I wish I’d gotten his exact words–his description of them was priceless) won’t wash when this comes before a federal judge. I think Rove will get himself a lawyer. We agree they probably won’t get Rove for violating the law on protecting undercover agents’ identities; Terrell thinks they’ll get him for obstruction of justice or perjury.

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