The illusory solidarity of the Left

I am remembering today the instructor of my social inequality class, who warned us against only being concerned with the inequality that personally afflicts us. We need to be concerned with all of it, not only as a matter of justice,[1] I say, but because if we address only a single issue of injustice, we risk recreating the very system that now benefits wealthy white men but privileging a different group instead, much as the Russian Revolution simply reshuffled who was in power, who would oppress others.[2] Justice is justice for everyone; partial steps won’t do.

I have long supported abortion rights, indeed right up to birth,[3] even when I couldn’t support the movement due to their support for the neoliberal Hillary Clinton, directly pitting the issue of choice against the issues of class and labor. But my immediate response to a leaked first draft of a U.S. Supreme Court decision that would overturn,[4] as widely anticipated,[5] Roe v. Wade,[6] is how much warning—decades really—that the left has had this was coming down and how poorly prepared we are for it now that it is indeed coming down.

Next up may well be gay rights,[7] may well be contraception,[8] may well be an outright national ban on abortion.[9] And yeah, ain’t it something how that “freedom” we keep hearing about[10] extends right up to the bedroom door?

I think as well of a member of a subaltern group, not a woman, not gay, who had received his Ph.D., or so he claimed, who insisted that the voices of his particular subaltern group were going unheard and refused to consider other voices that are also insufficiently heard. His group’s grievances were, clearly in his light, the only ones that mattered.

I called him out, he tried and failed to defend himself, he went silent, and I think I either unfollowed or blocked him. But he should surely be feeling shame by now for that nonsense.

Fig. 1. Sign advertised on Etsy by CrowdSigns, May 1, 2022, fair use.

I refrain from naming the group that Ph.D. was a member of because it would be misleading to single out one group: I have heard something really very similar from other groups, clearly none of whom heed my social inequality instructor’s warning. We put up signs like in figure 1, performatively, to make ourselves feel righteous, but that is the limit of our so-called “solidarity.” We’re all in it for ourselves, according to whichever identity seems fashionable at the moment, really, no one else, just like the rich are in it for themselves.

An important difference is that the rich have the resources to enact their policy preferences and the rest of us don’t,[11] which surely has something to do with that long list of Democratic Party failures on issues that are existential for lots of folks:

The Democrats will see their reward in the 2022 and 2024 elections, and we will see it as their richly deserved defeat clears the way for a right-wing dictatorship,[12] and even more so than usual, I’m pissing into the wind here. Because that sign (figure 1) and “vote blue no matter who”—oh yeah, Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin[13]—are all that are needed to pretend we’re in solidarity.

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