We are monsters

It should be clear to anyone of conscience that the events I listed in these tweets are no exceptions:

Twitter limits tweets to 280 characters, imposing brevity. But off the top of my head, in addition, and in no particular order, there is the Turkish genocide of Armenians, numerous pogroms against Jews, the Zionist treatment of Palestinians, Chinese treatment of Uyghurs, Burma’s (Myanmar’s) treatment of the Rohingya, slavery, genocide of indigenous peoples, East Timor, and, I am sure, countless more.

It has been much too easy to say, oh, it was the Turks. Oh, it was the Nazis. Oh, it was the Puritans persecuting women (as witches). Oh, it is the Zionists. Oh, it is the slaughterhouse workers. Oh, it is or was somebody else, not us. Oh, it was long ago, not now.

And so it happens again. As it happens now in Ukraine, both in the actual events and in those that are or have been threatened.[1]

The atrocities humans commit against other humans are not exceptions. They are far too numerous over far too long a period to be treated as exceptional. This is what humans do. This is what we are.

And when we deny that, we not only dehumanize those who dehumanize the human and nonhuman animals they butcher, but we set the stage for the next atrocities. We refuse the lesson that we are monsters.

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