I am no longer an anarchist

See updates through June 8, 2022, at end of post.

I continue to believe that anarchism has much to recommend it.

An authoritarian system of social organization, such as we now have, is unquestionably cruel. Political and economic leaders are not more moral than the rest of us, yet on a bogus claim of “merit,” we find ourselves with a caste system, with the rich isolating themselves from lower classes by multiple means[1] and the poor stigmatized[2] and incarcerated to keep workers conformant.[3] The rich rely on, consciously or otherwise, the divisions by any means humans can find to separate ourselves into “us” and “them” to preserve their own power and privileges over the rest of us.[4] The system of (in)justice has been reduced to incoherent bullying and murder.[5]

All that said, it has become clear to me that human beings are, now anyway, incapable of self-governance.[6] A “marketplace of ideas,” relied on by absolutist free speech libertarians, is broken.[7] The longstanding presumption, apparently extrapolating backwards from a small number of indigenous societies in the present day to prehistoric times, that humans were anarchist[8] has now been refuted.[9]

We fail to respond intelligently even to existential threats, like the climate crisis, like COVID-19, preferring instead desperate appeals to those who hate for the sake of hating. We seem absolutely bewildered when such appeals fail, continuing to insist that people who not only refuse their social duty but advocate against that duty are entitled to medical care in the very facilities that are swamped by their refusal, while those who have fulfilled their social obligations are turned away for lack of capacity.[10] However you rationalize this, it is stark, raving lunacy. We, as a species, are mad.

And so I can no longer regard myself as an anarchist. In that range of human possibility that my first advisor at Saybrook University, Joel Federman, pointed to, it may indeed be the case that at one time anarchism might have been possible. But that range is now constrained at least by the thousands of years in our present system of social organization.[11] It now excludes anarchism, partly because humans have been trained over those thousands of years to selfishness, partly because there is insufficient time for the necessary social change to occur.

Indeed, if I complain about the time needed for an incremental approach to even relatively modest social change,[12] then I cannot be patient for what it would take for us to become anarchists. And so I am no longer.

I do not know the solution this problem. I doubt there is one.

Update, April 9, 2022:

Update, June 8, 2022: Peter Kropotkin wrote a history of cooperative social organization that lasted into, and to a decreasing degree, a little beyond the Middle Ages. It included common lands, the Commons, that were used by the people and Kropotkin recorded that elites worked assiduously to end these arrangements and claim private property.[13]

Kropotkin was an anarchist; he of course was telling me what I wanted to hear, and in a source far older than I’m accustomed to citing, so I sought confirmation. I caught bits and snatches here and there, enough to assure me he wasn’t just talking out his ass, but little substantive, and in fact had forgotten about this story when I decided I was no longer an anarchist.[14] It’s a history that’s rarely told and seemed, to me at least, to have been lost. Until Eula Biss.[15]

Along the way, Biss writes[16] of Garrett Hardin, author of the infamous Tragedy of the Commons,[17] which Elinor Ostrom had refuted even before Hardin wrote it. Hardin’s thesis, that humans are intractably selfish, inevitably exhausting any shared resource, it turns out, relies on, at best, selective evidence. Counterexamples, it also seems, were abundant even before Hardin’s widely cited essay.[18]

Hardin, it turns out, was also a horrendous racist,[19] advancing a version of the paleoconservative white replacement theory.[20] No matter; the prevailing ideology embraces his thesis and ignores Ostrom’s.[21] To do otherwise would be to suggest that there is, after all, a viable alternative to capitalism and capitalist property relations. And you know we can’t have that.

Biss finds a town, Laxton, England, where land remains “unenclosed,” a Commons. It is far from the desolate, environmentally exhausted patch Hardin imagines. And it exists to this day.[22] It is indeed the case that we humans had a potential to be something else than than the self-destructively selfish assholes we generally are.

The trouble remains, however, what I wrote in that blog entry when I decided I was no longer an anarchist.[23] The experience of the climate crisis, which too many of us prefer to deny even at the likely expense of our own survival, and of the COVID-19 pandemic, in which too many of us often violently refused mitigation regulations and refused vaccinations, shows that a large proportion of us are incorrigible assholes. As I wrote following Donald Trump’s victory in the 2016 presidential election, we have failed the test of survival as too many of us command that reality conform to our ideology rather than that our ideology should conform to reality.[24]

The particulars of climate and plague are of little import here; our end will surely be violent as Hardin’s self-fulfilling prophesy, following the logic of capitalism that he erroneously attributed to anarchism,[25] is realized.

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