Trumpism, Donald Trump, the January 6 coup attempt, and a smoking gun that may never be found

See updates through January 28, 2022, at end of post.

Undoubtedly something like much of what Greg Sargent thinks happened,[1] that Donald Trump cheered the January 6 coup attempt on rather than restraining it and that people in his orbit desperately sought ways to keep him in the presidency, did indeed happen.[2] But 1) we really should be waiting for the investigating Congressional committee’s final report, that is, assuming the committee has time to produce it;[3] and 2) I’m thinking the result, while disappointing to many, will show something actually more dangerous.

Quinta Jurecic raises doubts about what truth remains to be discovered. Her argument seems to reduce the importance of the January 6 committee to 1) hemming in claims of executive privilege, 2) asserting the authority of Congress to investigate the former Executive, and 3) documenting what in fact is pretty much already known. In her words, “it’s difficult to imagine what additional facts the committee might uncover that would change the minds of those who watched it at the time.”[4] I’ve already noted that “smoking guns are rarely found;”[5] yet, as Jurecic observes, this seems to be what many folks are expecting, as if even this would, for example, persuade Republicans to disavow Donald Trump.[6]

The weirder truth is that Trump does not control Trumpism. It is not that, as his supporters so often admire, he expresses his own thoughts, unfiltered by a demonized “political correctness,” but rather that he expresses and indeed has attempted to implement their thoughts, their ideas. We too quickly forget that Trump was booed, yes, booed when he spoke in favor of the COVID-19 vaccines,[7] which were developed with federal support during his presidency. The Trumpian adoration has limits that even Trump may not transgress and those limits are not of his making.

Try, indeed, to reconcile a movement that rejects elitism[8] and that trusts misinformation and conspiracy theories on Facebook rather than mainstream journalism,[9] with all these folks suddenly worshipping at the altar of Donald Trump. Oh, it sure looks like they worship Trump: Trump flags are still to be seen all around southwestern Pennsylvania. And I’ll never forget the billboard on the north side of Millvale that posed Trump’s face on Rambo’s body. But ‘worship’ is the wrong word for what’s actually happening.

It’s more like when these people see Trump, adore him, they are in fact seeing and adoring themselves or, as Kim Messick phrased it (emphasis mine), “an idealized version of themselves”:[10]

[T]he Republican Party’s extremism can be traced to its increased dependence on an electorate that is largely rural, Southern and white. These voters, who figure prominently in the Tea Party, often decline to interpret political conflict as a struggle among interest groups or a good-faith clash of opinion. Instead, they tend to identify the country as a whole with an idealized version of themselves, and to equate any dissent from their values with disloyalty by alien, “un-American” forces. This paranoid vision of politics, I argued, makes them seek out opportunities for dramatic conflict and to shun negotiation and compromise.[11]

When Messick wrote that, late in 2013, we didn’t even know that Trump would be running. This is a movement that existed apart from Trump, indeed has existed for a thousand years,[12] that coalesced around him, indeed has unified three of the tendencies of conservatism[13] I had previously identified[14] around him, but is not him.

Trump certainly feeds off these people. He feels their “love,” their adoration. And he, in turn, gives them a focal point; they fly his flags right along with U.S. flags, “thin blue line” flags, and Gadsden (“Don’t Tread On Me”) flags. His bumper stickers appear right next to National Rifle Association decals. His yard signs appear right along with those protesting abortion. Before the coup attempt, his supporters also flew the Confederate flag in far greater numbers. We must not mistake their malevolence or his.

But a smoking gun proving that Donald Trump planned the coup attempt may never be found. I believe the expectation that he did gives him entirely too much credit. And I cannot express strongly enough my revulsion for the gun nuttery, the misogyny, the white supremacism, and the violence of his followers. But all of that precedes him. It is a danger that will outlive him.

And it is unlikely that a criminal prosecution for the coup attempt can occur to prevent Trump from running in 2024.

Update, December 16, 2021: The text formerly here has been moved, edited, and expanded in a new blog post entitled, “How much does Donald Trump’s profanity against Binyamin Netanyahu matter?

Update, December 19, 2021: I return to the question of Donald Trump’s unification of three tendencies of conservatism both in the blog post mentioned in the last update and more comprehensively in a new blog post entitled, “A hot U.S. civil war turned cold, now lukewarm, may turn hot again.”

Update, January 28, 2022: Donald Trump is receiving pushback from Trumpists for his endorsement in a Tennessee race, where he seems to have passed over a more loyal candidate.[15] It is further evidence—we should also count the pushback he’s received for pro-vaccination comments he’s made[16]—that Trump does not control Trumpism.[17]

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