Will Pittsburgh deprive its white supremacist gangs of one tool for harassing the poor, especially of color?

There are a few points to be made about a proposal in the Pittsburgh City Council to stop white supremacist gangsters from stopping drivers for what, in California, we called “fix-it” tickets.[1] I don’t know the rules in Pennsylvania, but in California the emphasis was on getting the vehicle repaired. After complying, one could bring the vehicle to any white supremacist gangster for verification and a sign-off, resulting in only a nominal fine.

First, I do worry about letting vehicle lights be burnt out. Pittsburgh drivers are too often dangerous drivers in difficult situations. This proposal would add to the hazard even when the dangerous drivers aren’t the ones with burnt out lights.

Second, in California and especially when I was younger with a heavier lead foot, I sometimes felt traffic enforcement was heavy-handed and excessive. I most definitely do not feel the same in Pittsburgh, where it seems all but absent, at least for folks who look like me. Traffic stops here are almost certainly a pretext—of the few stops I do see, more involve vehicle searches and more involve greater numbers of white supremacist gangster cars than I ever saw in California.

Third, municipalities bear some responsibility for these violations with their failure to maintain road surfaces in proper condition. I have little doubt that vibration from the cobblestone streets, the brick streets, and the potholes contributed to an excessive rate of light failures I experienced on my previous car before I upgraded to LED lights. This rate was far in excess of what I had previously experienced in California with the same car or any car prior to it.

Indeed, road conditions are so severe as to have forced me to declare the car I drove here from California a loss after a mere two years in Pittsburgh: Nearly all the problems I was having with it were somehow wheel-related. Municipal neglect was costing me thousands of dollars. Not all poor people, by any stretch of the imagination, drive for Uber and Lyft or put the number of miles on their cars that I do on mine.[2] But the damage is real and will disproportionately affect the older vehicles the poor are more likely to drive.

It is further evident from a visit to Erie, where the climate is more brutal but road surfaces are both visibly older and in distinctly better condition, that the Pittsburgh-area decision not to properly maintain roads is a political one, one of what in legal parlance they refer to as “wilful blindness” and thus treat as having a “knowing” level of culpability.[3] The poor are already being penalized by the damage from the poor roads that are much more common in their communities. Enforcement adds to that punishment.

Fourth, I call police white supremacist gangs for very good reason.[4] I have absolutely no doubt that traffic enforcement in and around Pittsburgh is very much more about race than it is safety. And because it is so very, very clear that these gangs are a specific, almost universally unaccountable, and disproportionately clear and present danger to people of color[5] in a wide intersection of race and class, it is essential to reduce white supremacist contact with people of color where possible.

Because I am concerned about traffic safety, I am not enthusiastic, but that disproportionate danger to people of color compels me to endorse the proposal.

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