Why do ‘they’ hate us?

The rapid collapse of Afghan government forces[1] should eviscerate any imagination that Afghans would mount a serious defense against, yet alone repel the Taliban. Yes, there are the lessons of (not) “nation-building” and U.S. military (non-)superiority.[2]

But more fundamentally, we have failed to see the error of colonialism: This was a U.S. fight from the beginning; when, after nearly twenty long years, we admit we cannot win it and leave,[3] events on the ground confirm this diagnosis. We were fighting for the injury of the 9/11 attacks but never, ever, truly for Afghans.

Comparisons to Vietnam[4] are unavoidable. But what I have yet to see is an accounting for the deceptions that led to both wars.

The Gulf of Tonkin incident that rationalized the Vietnam War was not a case of North Vietnamese attacking an innocent U.S. spy boat, but rather one in a series of skirmishes in which the Central Intelligence Agency “had systematically been provoking the North Vietnamese, running PT-boat raids against their naval bases, deliberately jamming their radar. We had provoked them, but our citizens did not know of this; all they knew about was North Vietnam’s response.”[5]

Similarly, we have too often labeled any challenge to Israel’s policies in the territories it occupies in contravention of international law and toward the people it has colonized—many displaced both by its founding and since—who have lived there for hundreds and thousands of years as anti-Semitic and as tantamount to Holocaust-denial.

After 9/11, we wondered why “they” (Muslims) “hate us,” rapidly concluded that “they hate us for our freedoms,”[6] and buried the question. In a conflict among desert religions that has too often seemed really to be about oil, Islam has been placed against Judaism and Christianity, with the latter two in lockstep while we jointly deny our Islamophobia and our colonialism. This has become so one-sided that any criticism of any Jew on any grounds may be proffered only at the risk of being considered anti-Semitic,[7] while we routinely demonize and even go to war with Muslims for nonexistent weapons of mass destruction[8] and for ‘terrorism,’ while we ignore our own provocations, indeed our own colonialism, our wars, indeed our endless saber-rattling at Iran.

And we still wonder why they hate us.

If we’re truly to learn the lessons of Afghanistan, and of Vietnam before it, both U.S. politicians and their supporters are going to have to start paying attention to the grievances of people they routinely stigmatize. They’re going to have to stop stigmatizing them. They’re going to have to respond realistically to their grievances. And they’re going to have to stop being so fucking self-righteous, including, horror of horrors, about Israel.

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