Pittsburgh, do me a favor: Rename Sandusky Street

This (figure 1) comes to me via a Chronicle of Higher Education newsletter. This episode began while I was still in California and, frankly, I didn’t pay much attention:

Fig. 1. Screenshot by author from Chronicle of Higher Education newsletter, May 27, 2021.

But now that I live here, my eyes popped, and I was wondering, what the fuck?

Jerry Sandusky was a football coach at Pennsylvania State University. Ten years later, a child sexual abuse scandal in which the university administration enabled his sexual predation on children still reverberates.[1] It was a story that kept widening and is one of a number of stories which challenge an unholy relationship between universities and football.

And Pittsburgh has a street (still) named Sandusky. It runs by Allegheny General Hospital but also feeds onto East Commons from the 7th Street (Andy Warhol) Bridge. It’s a block east of PNC Park, where the Pittsburgh Pirates play baseball, and about five blocks east of Heinz Field, where the Steelers play football.

If, as one of my passengers put it and others readily agree, “Pittsburgh is a drinking town with a football problem,” my mistake is understandable, but the street name actually precedes the Penn State football coach by at least a century, indeed at least to 1835.[2]

The San Francisco Board of Education would surely have renamed it.[3] After all, we don’t want anybody having to meet on “Pedophile Street.”[4]

It all rubs me the wrong way because I hate sports. In part, I see sports as the sort of regimentation that helps prepare cannon fodder.[5] And Pittsburgh definitely seems to be into preparing cannon fodder.[6] Indeed, the celebration of guns around here (figure 2) really seems quite excessive:

Fig. 2. Map of Gratuitous Guns, allegedly honoring military veterans but mostly placed in or near poor areas where Blacks disproportionately live,[7] compiled by author.

For me, that celebration of guns entirely undermines Pittsburgh’s effort to enact gun control in a state that seems determined to ensure that white supremacists—not just the cops[8]—have all the guns they feel they need.[9]

Sandusky’s sexual predation on children[10] too neatly meshes with my own admittedly unfounded sense of San Francisco junior and senior high school physical education teachers as getting a sexual charge out of watching adolescent boys do calisthenics and run around a track.

With Pittsburgh’s cultural toxic masculinity,[11] that sexual predation meshes, really, with my experience of bullying in those same schools, where I felt I had no recourse and was left entirely vulnerable, as I prowled the halls desperately seeking a place to hide. In retrospect, it occurs to me that in the Vietnam War era, I would never be suitable cannon fodder; therefore, I was unworthy of protection.

That’s not much of a case at all, really, for renaming the street. But I’d still kind of like it if they would.

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