The Transport Workers Union is about to stab gig workers in the back

See update for May 28, 2021, at end of post.

The Transport Workers Union is about to betray gig workers in the state of New York:[1]

The potential to offer political cover for the companies’ business models has given some labor advocates concern about potential deal-making. “There are reasons to be deeply skeptical about a ‘sectoral bargaining bill,’ brokered by the same app companies behind Prop 22, that locks workers out of universal employment protections,” said Brian Chen, an attorney at the pro-labor nonprofit National Employment Law Project. “It suggests that this isn’t really about allowing workers to build power together. It’s about employers bargaining down labor standards and undermining workers’ rights.”[2]

In the face of intractable and well funded company opposition, as with California’s Proposition 22,[3] and in the face of “an uphill battle to pass the PRO Act, a sweeping revamp of federal labor laws . . . which would make it much harder to claim workers are contractors,”[4] it’s certainly possible to view this effort as a labor union trying to get the best deal it can get.

But the move would blunt[5] a Biden administration push to end the “independent contractor” scam for gig workers (by requiring companies to correctly classify their workers as employees)[6] and comes at a time when Uber and Lyft, whose business models are dubious at best[7] and “rest on the claim that workers are independent contractors rather than employees entitled to full labor protections,”[8] including a measly minimum wage,[9] are having trouble attracting drivers, in significant part due to poor pay,[10] amid entirely fraudulent claims of a so-called “labor shortage,” which is really about employers resisting higher pay or, in more elemental form, any pay at all.[11]

It’s very, very hard for me, then, to see this as smart deal making on the part of the union, and very, very easy for me to see it instead as selling out gig workers. But unions have done it before.[12]

Update, May 28, 2021: Apparently, the Transport Workers Union has withdrawn its support for the deal.[13]

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