Factory farmed humans

I’m trying to imagine how it could be any more blatant.

In the United States, we have a minimum wage that has not even remotely kept pace with productivity,[1] does not pay rent anywhere in the country,[2] that the political order refuses to raise.[3] Even as capitalists have raked in massive profits during the pandemic,[4] and resisted providing personal protection equipment (PPE) for “essential” expendable workers,[5] they now scream that they face a “labor shortage” when what they mean is that they object to having to pay anything at all, let alone more than they do now.[6] The U.S. stands among a mere four countries in the entire world to refuse to ratify[7] the International Covenant on Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights (ICESCR), which, in article seven, requires minimally decent pay and benefits for workers.[8]

In short, the U.S., which ceaselessly valorizes and extols “the dignity of work,” treats many of its workers in a most stunningly undignified, indeed, starkly abusive way,[9] effectively requiring many—including myself—to work so many hours as to increase our risk of heart attack and stroke.[10] With the difficulty persuading employers to provide PPE,[11] one could be forgiven for suspecting the U.S. actively seeks to kill its workers.

But that would miss the ongoing effort to restrict or ban abortion[12] and a refusal to prosecute rape in many cases,[13] effectively reducing women to their reproductive capacity. Women must be breeders, much like the nonhuman animals in the dairy and livestock industries,[14] to produce workers and warriors.

In critical theory, we regard pretty much anyone not among the religious, political, economic, and military elites as colonized.[15] It might be more accurate to say that many of us are being factory farmed. How indeed does it get any more blatant?

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