We’ve let a horrible year go to waste

It seems like more people have more Christmas decorations up this year, as if they are trying desperately to lighten the mood of an utterly foul year, in which we have been beset by a pandemic that Donald Trump tried to minimize[1] but is afflicting more people than ever and overwhelming more hospitals than ever,[2] in which Trump lost an election but is desperately attempting to overturn the results,[3] and the Black Lives Matter movement which seemed to hold such promise[4] has simply sputtered out.

As I see the decorations, I’m feeling, more than I think I ever have, a dissonance: The snow we got early this month has all but melted away, a reminder that even after we get through the pandemic, the election aftermath, and endless police killings of Blacks, the climate crisis still looms. There should be snow on the ground. There isn’t. California shouldn’t be burning like it is. But it is. We shouldn’t have so many hurricanes. But we do.

And it’s the lack of snow that’s getting to me. Those decorations cry for it.

It’s been a disillusioning year. We can no longer seriously pretend we have a functional government[5] as people face hunger[6] and homelessness[7] because they have lost their jobs in a pandemic that shouldn’t have been nearly as bad as it is. We can no longer seriously believe that the United States is, in fact, united.[8] And we should certainly put to bed any notion we are a post-racial society.

That could actually be good news. We can’t address problems if we deny they exist. But whatever lessons we may have learned are pointless if we don’t put them into action. And I don’t see us putting them into action. Which is to say we’ve suffered a horrible year for nothing.

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