A new ‘cold war’ with China as an election stunt?

For those alive at the time, one of the very curious aspects of the Cold War was an ideological fixation on “Moscow” as the source of all evil—so-called “communism,”[1] but really authoritarian socialism—in the world. This rhetoric ignored differences between, for examples, Yugoslavia and the Soviet Union, the People’s Republic of China and the Soviet Union, and, at least in later years, China and Vietnam.

The “communist” world was not, by any means, monolithic, but the polarized “good” versus “evil” hierarchically invidious monistic rhetoric seemingly required a unified enemy, even where such unity did not exist.

Now, when Russia apparently meddles in elections,[2] the Trump administration nonetheless focuses on China,[3] saying, “If the free world doesn’t change Communist China, Communist China will change us.”[4] This, too, should ring a bell: The idea of the “domino theory,” the rationale for the U.S. war in southeast Asia—not just Vietnam—was the notion that just as China had fallen to “communism,” then Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia, if “communism” was not contained, so too would Thailand and the Philippines, so too would, ultimately, the world.

Donald Trump has previously sought to emphasize the possibility of a trade deal with China and ignored human rights concerns in doing so.[5]

The Cold War did not end in war, although the world lived with the possibility of war between the superpowers for decades and there were plenty of proxy wars around the world between Soviet- and U.S.-backed forces. The Cold War justified a hugely expensive arms race and there are still some folks alive who remember “duck and cover” drills in schools that were mocked by antiwar activists who appended a directive to “kiss your ass goodbye.” Insanely huge stockpiles of nuclear weapons are a legacy of the Cold War and we need to be clear that the U.S. was not sane—some rabid anticommunists even advocated a first strike—a nuclear strike—against the Soviet Union, not on any assurance, but rather on the mere, desperate hope that enough of us would survive to preserve the U.S. system.[6]

These anticommunists were not yet neoconservatives, as neoconservatism arose in reaction to the antiwar, counterculture, and various liberation movements, notably including the Black liberation movement, of the 1960s and 1970s[7] but there is an apparent intellectual legacy as neoconservatives, too, stress preservation of the U.S. political and economic system even through aggression against other nations.[8] And it is hard for me to miss that the administration’s recent “law and order” rhetoric and actions taken against the Black Lives Matter protests would appeal to neoconservatives.[9]

I distrust polls on methodological grounds: The response rate should be more like ninety percent, not six or seven percent.[10] But a number of polls—even if they were reliable, this is much too early to put much stock in them—recently have shown Trump is losing badly to Joe Biden, some neoconservatives have formed the Lincoln Project to oppose Trump,[11] and many have accused Trump of deploying federal forces to U.S. cities in violent opposition to Black Lives Matter protests as a campaign stunt.[12]

The weird part about this for me is that I don’t think neoconservatives amount to much outside the Washington, D.C. beltway. None of this, a new “cold war” with China nor the crackdown on protests, will move many votes. But all of it is certainly eye-catching and a lot of pieces seem to fit together. I can’t overemphasize how hugely dangerous it is if I am right, but it looks to me like this might well be meant as part of an effort to split neoconservatives in the delusional raging narcissist-in-chief’s re-election effort.

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