As we cower in our apartments

As Pittsburgh closes down public recreation facilities to enforce social distancing during the pandemic,[1] it’s worth remembering who’s making the greater sacrifice here:
Fig. 1. Cartoon by Patrick Blower, April 6, 2020, via the Telegraph, fair use.

As I drive people around and drive to and from driving them around, I see lots of “social distancing” violations. A football game among friends here, people traveling to parties in close-knit communities there. These people don’t live well. They have hard and often dangerous jobs, if they have them at all—COVID-19 is just one more risk among many—for which they are poorly compensated. Having been told their entire lives that their lives aren’t worth a living wage, they live in cramped and dismal apartments, the sort that are “good enough” for the poor.

For such people, the lockdown is yet another form of oppression. It’s a little too easy for the rich to tell them to “stay at home.”

And it isn’t just the poor, as middle-aged fans of a Pink Floyd cover band chanted “Fuck the Police” as the latter arrived to disperse a concert[2] and a pastor in Lodi, California, refused to stop holding services, even sending the city a cease-and-desist order seeking to prevent police from further disrupting those services.[3]

I don’t buy much at Whole Foods any more, even though what I would buy is often cheaper there: Hoarders have eviscerated its usefulness. But when I stopped in at one that’s a little better stocked than the one closest to my home last evening, I was greeted by an employee who looked at her smartphone and informed me it was okay to enter.

I am seeing lines outside Home Depot, Trader Joe’s, and even Walmart. People standing six feet apart. Last time I went into Giant Eagle, it wasn’t even possible to maintain social distancing, creating a dissonance as I then attempted to maintain such social distancing, standing where I was supposed to stand, six feet back from the cashier in the checkout line. It’s all madness. Madness piled on top of madness.

Meanwhile, the day before yesterday, I said I was waiting for the number of COVID-19 fatalities in New York City alone to exceed the entire 9/11 death toll.[4]

It didn’t take long. When I looked this morning, the count stood at 3,048.[5] There are so many people to thank:

I think we might be starting to see a specific path to human extinction here with the capitalist imperative,[6] an absolute fiasco of testing,[7] and a supremacy of malfeasance.[8][9]

9/11 provided a rationale, however incorrect, for wars that have killed many more in absolute vain,[10] and a relentless Islamophobia, including that fomented by our delusional raging narcissist-in-chief.

Will we now turn on our political and economic leaders the way we did Muslims? The silence of our own hypocrisy, even as we cower in our apartments, is deafening.

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