The New York Times at least very nearly exposes a whistle blower

Update, September 29: My mother replies to the following saying that the whistle blower is in even greater danger than from White House retaliation. Citing multiple sources, she points to Donald Trump’s mob connections.[1] The picture here is of the 1920s all over again, only international, including but not limited to Russian and Ukrainian, in scope and with a likely mobster as president of the United States.

The New York Times is an agent for somebody. That somebody is supposed to be the people.[2] It isn’t.

Exposing the whistle blower[3] whose disclosure finally led to a formal impeachment inquiry[4] is problematic for two reasons:

  1. Most obviously, the newspaper is failing to protect a confidential source.[5]
  2. But also, in doing so, it serves the powerful who would resist exposure of this information rather than the people who deserve to be informed.[6] A wrathful administration which valorizes fealty to Donald Trump is now several steps closer to identifying the whistle blower. It may now enforce that fealty.[7]

The New York Times ceased, in my view, to be a newspaper during the 2016 elections, when it so blatantly favored Hillary Clinton over any other candidate, including Bernie Sanders.[8] I believe it now acts to frame Joe Biden as a victim and a sympathetic figure when he deserves to be treated as the unrepentant lying racist “touchy feely” misogynist pervert neoconservative he has repeatedly demonstrated he is.[9] Now, as in 2016, the New York Times serves as an agent for the political establishment, first neoconservatives including Hillary Clinton, and finally even the Trump administration.[10]

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