Lies, damned lies, and … economics. Oh, and Donald Trump

It’s a bit weird that Donald Trump assumes he has any credibility whatsoever to assure anyone that a recession isn’t coming.[1] After all, this is the same man who keeps fact checkers busy at an unprecedented rate, a man who revivifies the old dictum that you can tell a politician is lying by the fact his (it’s a really old dictum, so yes, ‘his’) lips are moving.

But even economists should have no credibility on forecasting recessions as, in their quest to be ‘scientifically’ ‘precise,’ they embed their ideological assumptions (most loudly, intellectually discredited neoliberalism[2])—which they call ‘theory’—in statistical hogwash.[3] The best we can say of economics, which I’m inclined to treat as the evil stepchild social science among human science’s children,[4] is that they are intellectually less dishonest[5] than Trump: surely, damnation by faint praise.

So what about the possibility of recession? There is currently considerable cause for concern on a number of fronts.[6] It doesn’t have to be Trump’s trade war or any other single cause. It’s the preponderance of possible causes that worries. But finally, even if the field of economics is entirely full of shit, a proposition which I think comes close to the truth, there is a psychology at work that can, and I suspect probably will, produce a downturn.[7]

As for Trump, his bullshit may reassure his base. But it won’t—and shouldn’t—reassure anyone else.

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