Owning the libtards

It’s probably unjustifiable, but I think the vitriol he has directed at migrants has been the hardest thing for me to deal with about Donald Trump.

Maybe it’s that migrants were a focus of my dissertation.[1] I don’t know; to bracket it as such, even understanding migrants’ plights to the extent that I do, seems an inadequate explanation. I’m not sure that it is even the concentration camp issue,[2] if I’m to be completely honest, because that’s one in a series of outrages (remember, for example, when we earlier learned of parent-child separations?[3]) that runs longer. But Trump’s xenophobia somehow consistently strikes closer to home than any of the many other manifestations of Trump’s hatred.

This xenophobia doesn’t move me toward action. Just toward revulsion. I can barely even stand to look at the news of whatever Trump is doing or saying now.[4] I always have to get some sleep before I can even begin to deal with it.

I do think that, for me, there is a real dissonance between what Amerikkkans say we are and how we treat migrants who survive 1) the conditions that drive them from home, including some of the highest physically violent crime rates in the world and extreme poverty, conditions for which we, with our policies, bear considerable and utterly unacknowledged blame; 2) a long, dangerous, and arduous trip to the U.S. border; 3) the increasing difficulties and dangers of crossing that border; 4) the vitriol of people like Donald Trump and of people who think like him once they’re here; and 5) having to live in the shadows, underground, vulnerable to anyone—especially employers—who knows or can determine their status.[5] We say we admire the very qualities, the determination, the persistence, the improvisation, the resilience that enable this survival. What we do is something else entirely.

I also think that a part of this, no matter how ridiculously trivial, is that I know I’m being owned. Authoritarian populists in particular often celebrate “owning the libtards,” that is, outraging those of us with any sense of humanity toward other human beings. This is my morality of polarization[6] taken to the next level: Trump’s moves don’t just delight his base; they delight his base by outraging and provoking the rest of us.

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