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It’s time for a comparison. On the left, Nazi Germany. On the right, the United States: Not all of the latter is from Donald Trump’s presidency, which is actually an important point: What we see today has been developing for a while and might not yet be a culmination.

Feature Nazi Germany United States
Military Parades (Youtube[1]) (Youtube[2])
Rallies (Youtube[3]) (Youtube[4])
Militaristic Repression (Youtube[5]) (Youtube[6])
Domestic Spying (Youtube[7]) (Youtube[8])
Concentration Camps (Youtube[9]) (Youtube[10])
Torture (Youtube[11]) (Youtube[12])
Empire WWII_Europe_1941-1942_Map_ENImage from Wikimedia Commons: “A map of German front of the Second World War circa 1941-1942. The original German-language map was created by User:San Jose on 17 April 2005. It can be found here.” It was apparently translated by Ianjameslyon.[13] counterterrorismmapwebImage from the Smithsonian, January 2019: “The infographic reveals for the first time that the U.S. is now operating in 40 percent of the world’s nations.”[14]

Sure, the Nazis were evil. But how much better, really, is the United States? And for how long?

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