The real reason why Bernie Sanders’ ‘utopianism’ is a problem

In the primary contest between “democratic socialist” Bernie Sanders who “sought to establish himself as the true liberal in the race, casting his opponents’ ideas as incremental change”[1] and the pragmatic establishment Hillary Clinton who claims she’s “a progressive who likes to get things done,”[2] there’s little doubt whose rhetoric I prefer.

“Incremental change” covers an appallingly low labor force participation rate (figure 1) and an appallingly low employment to population ratio (figure 2) with a make-believe U-3 unemployment rate that, with that very low labor force participation rate, excludes way too many people who probably really need jobs.

Annual labor force participation rate, from Bureau of Labor Statistics data
Fig. 1. Annual labor force participation rate, from Bureau of Labor Statistics data
Annual employment to population ratio, from Bureau of Labor Statistics data
Fig. 2. Annual employment to population ratio, from Bureau of Labor Statistics data

“Incremental change” also seems to include the TransPacific Partnership, which with its neoliberal fetish for so-called “free trade” (“free” for whom?) will almost certainly make things worse by expanding corporate power at the expense of labor, the environment, and ultimately even of national sovereignty.[3]

“Incremental change” has not prosecuted the Bush administration for war crimes, but rather embraced and extended neoconservative policy.

Their secret wars, war crimes, and domestic spying programs have expanded on Bush administration policy. Their persecution of whistleblowers is unprecedented and the U.S. has been declared an “enemy of the Internet” and dropped to 46th place on the World Press Freedom Index. Finally, they have refused to prosecute the Bush administration for the programs, including torture, they inherited.[4][5]

“Incremental change” is, in fact, grossly negligent with respect to climate change.[6] Climate scientist James Hansen has labeled even the latest, much ballyhooed agreement as a “fraud” in part because it is non-binding and in part because the agreed actions can accomplish far less than the promised results.[7]

But the argument for pragmatism, otherwise known as the hippie-punching argument, asserts that progressives who demand more are unrealistic, that they should accept compromise in the name of “governing.”[8] I should immediately point out that this is a functionalist conservative argument; it is the very same argument deployed last year against the House Freedom Caucus as it deposed John Boehner[9] and I think I can reasonably insist that treating progressives as equivalent to authoritarian populists (most recently known as the “Tea Party”) is a false equivalence.

But also, since Hillary Clinton was Barack Obama’s secretary of state, we would also have to note that “incremental change” means we’re still in Afghanistan, we’re back in Iraq, and we’re now in Syria. What, given her strong support for the Iraq war,[10] will be the next increment?

Some are saying that Bernie Sanders’ promises are unrealistic, that he cannot deliver on them. This is probably true. His call for a “political revolution” strikes at what may be the most important function of a two-party system, which is to limit change to a pace that won’t upset the elites.[11] Even the U.S. Constitution is meant to protect the property rights of wealthy white males against redistributionary or confiscatory impulses.[12] And, to my knowledge, there is no model for a social change movement that can peacefully push elites respond quickly.[13] They simply have too great an investment in the status quo to respond even to existential threats to humanity, such as climate change, and the functionalist conservative imperative is to preserve not only their privileges but a distinction between themselves and ordinary people. They will never be enthusiastic about ameliorating social inequality[14] and, as capitalists, they benefit from the existence of a large pool of desperate potential workers, who can be used to discourage workers from demanding higher pay or better conditions.[15]

That the United States is an oligarchy rather than a “democracy”[16] should be no surprise. It is, at best, a republic in which it was expected that the wealthy would be best suited for political power.[17] This is a major reason for regarding the electoral system as a fraud: It perpetuates the illusion of popular power when in fact it matters little who is elected, since politicians nearly all come from the same class, a class also consisting of high-level bureaucrats, corporate management, and the military brass, and that will act in what it perceives to be its own best interests.[18] And this, ultimately, is my complaint against Sanders, that he serves as a figurehead for popular resentment while participating in and thus legitimizing an intrinsically corrupt system.

Note: I omitted a needed reference to my essay, “‘We have found the enemy, and he is us’ — and our system of social organization,” when I first published this blog entry. It has been added.

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