Julian Assange may never be free

It sounds a lot more exciting than it is: “Swedish prosecutors have dropped three investigations into Julian Assange. The allotted five years had expired to bring sexual coercion charges against the WikiLeaks founder.” But it looks like Assange may well be spending a few more years in Ecuador’s London embassy as “prosecutors said they would continue with investigations into a further allegation of rape against Assange, also made in 2010. That charge will remain valid until 2020.”[1]

Even if Assange no longer faced accusations in Sweden, I doubt he would be safe. He sought—and gained—asylum[2] due to fears that the apparently dubious allegations against him[3] were in fact a cover for a plot to extradite him on to the U.S., where it is clear the government is going after WikiLeaks, its founder, and its supporters in every way possible.[4]

The issue was complicated by the facts that the Swedish accusations involved allegations of non-consensual sex and that some activists saw only this as the issue issue. Paradoxically, because Sweden’s record of law enforcement against sexual assault and rape is so poor,[5] the extraordinary lengths Sweden went to in seeking Assange’s extradition only reinforced the suspicions that this was really about facilitating a handover to the U.S.[6] As if that wasn’t enough, after Assange sought refuge, Britain’s government unwisely threatened to invade Ecuador’s embassy to capture him.[7] None of these suspicions were allayed by Sweden’s refusal to question Assange in the London embassy[8] until it was too late. Rather, Sweden insisted on extradition from Britain[9] and Britain threatened to go to seemingly unfathomable lengths to comply.

If any of this reminds you of the fiasco in which European Union countries denied airspace to a plane that was carrying Bolivia’s president Evo Morales back from Russia and that was suspected to be carrying Edward Snowden,[10] creating, to put it mildly, a diplomatic incident,[11] that might be because both the Bolivian jet diversion and the British threats to invade Ecuador’s embassy are naked displays of power apparently exercised at the behest of the United States even when they were absolutely senseless. Both of these incidents not only suggest a lack of proportionality in U.S. national security attitudes but expose European countries as vassal states in the U.S. empire—something to remember whenever there are, as has now happened so many times, revelations about U.S. spying on Europe, especially when, despite politicians’ expressions of fury and even the occasional arrest or expulsion, governments principally act out of fear of jeopardizing their ‘security relationship’ with their master rather than in the interest of protecting their citizens’ and even their politicians’ privacy. In all of this, we may notice that the U.S. never seems particularly concerned about jeopardizing its ‘security relationship’ with its vassals—even when these so-called ‘leaders’ are so bold as to ‘demand’ talks, they come away empty-handed.[12] When the U.S. bothers to respond at all, it is with utter disdain for Europeans’ evidently naïve expectations of privacy.[13] We must be “practical,” after all,[14] and do something instead about all these journalists who keep stirring up unrest[15] rather than playing their regularly annointed role.[16]

There should be no mistake. The U.S. does what it wants. Its vassals do what the U.S. wants. Police surround the Ecuadorian embassy at no small expense to the British taxpayer.[17] But somebody else will likely be waiting for Assange should the police ever leave.

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