Update on Admiral Janeway

Admiral Janeway, April 6, 2012 (a year ago).
Admiral Janeway, April 6, 2012 (a year ago).

The good news is especially that Admiral Janeway is not in a shelter. The thought that she might end up there had broken my heart all over again.[1] Even better, she is now back—or more precisely, I should say, I am back to being her human.

There have been a lot of trips to the vet. And it seems there are a lot more to come. My mother relented enough to at least have her checked out and then one thing led to another.

All these trips—and all the drugs she’s having to take—are things which in my experience she would not have tolerated. But I guess she’s feeling enough better that she’s acquiescing, at least for now.

The bad news is that she will likely be on some yet to be determined dosage of Prednisolone for the rest of her life. She apparently has been living with some kind of bowel disease all these years, in addition to her food allergy, and this has caused her to vomit chronically. She’s also presently on Cerenia—I’m having to take her to the vet four days a week to administer those pills, because if it sticks on the back of her tongue and she actually tastes it, she’s furious. The Prednisolone is easier to administer, and we’re presently tapering off the dosage, trying to find how low is too low.

But she has not barfed in well over two weeks. Cross your fingers. She really is a dear cat.

  1. [1]David Benfell, “Admiral Janeway (formerly my cat) may be headed for the shelter,” February 5, 2013, https://disunitedstates.org/?p=5459

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