Raining on Terrell’s parade

People change. I should expect that.

But in this case, I suspect something else has also happened.

This is the case of my old favorite professor at California State University, East Bay, where I received a Bachelors Degree in Mass Communication and a Masters in Speech Communication. I took more classes from this professor, Robert Terrell, than any other, nearly all that he taught, served as his graduate writing assistant one quarter, and had him as the chair of the committee that administered my comprehensive exams. He taught me, as all his students, to pay more attention to the news, to develop a critical—as in analytical, in large part for social justice—attitude both toward the events themselves and to mass media coverage of those events, and to be well-prepared to argue our positions.

In short, he fulfilled a function in a college education that is all too rare. This is nothing to be slighted. I will be forever grateful to him for this.

But toward the end of my time at CSU East Bay, it became clear that Terrell retained a faith in the political and economic system of the United States to redeem itself, a faith I could not share. He expected, for example, Barack Obama’s election in 2008 to be transformative, not so much because of the man himself, but because his election would inspire the awakening of a social justice movement.

Faith can be a wonderful thing. It can inspire people to persevere when all hope seems lost, to accomplish what might not otherwise be accomplished. But it can also blind.

Since Obama clinched the Democratic Party nomination in 2008, he has repudiated his former pastor, whose major offense was speaking politically inconvenient truths about the relationship between U.S. foreign policy and the 9/11 attacks, and about the state of race relations and social justice in the U.S.,[1] and whose less serious, but still disturbing offense was giving voice and lending credence, however couched in the context of a horrendous history of torture in the name of medical experimentation,[2] to a notion that the U.S. government was somehow behind Human Immunodeficiency Virus (H.I.V.);[3] backpedaled on comments criticizing police for arresting Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr.,[4] refused to prosecute Bush administration officials for crimes against the U.S. Constitution and against humanity;[5] colluded with and refused to prosecute banking criminals who precipitated the 2007 financial crisis whose economic effects seem endless while leaving the unemployed, underwater homeowners, and the victims of foreclosure fraud to twist in the wind;[6] withdrawn from Iraq only because the Iraqis refused to agree to immunity for U.S. soldiers;[7] committed what are almost certainly war crimes in drone attacks;[8] and expanded the war on Constitutional rights.[9] All this should suggest not only that Obama embraced and extended Bush administration policy, but that the U.S. government is an irretrievably criminal organization, and that Obama is Criminal-In-Chief.

Terrell has, and I accept his word on this point, criticized many of Obama’s activities. But on Facebook, he has celebrated Obama’s re-election has indicating a new emergent majority that is displacing the wealthy white male hegemony that has ruled the U.S. since its founding. Indeed, this is something for Republicans to be concerned about.[10] What is absent is a reckoning for the criminality of our social order, a criminality which instead of locking up the most dangerous and expensive (that is, “white collar”) crooks, locks up a disproportionate number of people overall, and a disproportionate number of people of color in particular,[11] and shows no sign of reform with or without Obama’s re-election.

This is no cause for celebration. But I guess I have been raining on Terrell’s parade.

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