On the devil you know, versus . . . the devil you know

It’s been a rough year for allergies—in a part of the world which is notorious for allergies—around here, so after getting my water pump replaced, I was feeling a need to remind my respiratory system that air need not be the enemy. I drove out to Mendocino in time to get a vegan pizza at Frankie’s and then headed south on Highway One, the theoretically slower, but coastal route towards home, hoping to breathe some ocean air.

My thoughts turned towards a sense some people—notably including my old favorite professor at CSU East Bay—express of being able to breathe more easily when a Democrat is in power. I wondered if that professor—I hear he is now headed for retirement under a rather favorable plan the university has for fully-tenured professors of retirement age—still feels that way. After all, Barack Obama’s function, for all intents and purposes, seems to have been to legitimate the neoconservative and neoliberal policies of the George W. Bush administration, and indeed, to push them to heights, or depths, that would have embarrassed all but former Vice President Dick Cheney and his acolytes.

I have, for quite some time now, recognized, along with Noam Chomsky and Gore Vidal,[1] that the difference between Republicans and Democrats is not in policy but rather in a willingness on the part of Republicans to instigate violence against a Democratic president.[2] But it seems particularly appalling this year as U.S. voters this year face a choice between a president who does not deserve re-election and a former governor who does not deserve to be elected in the first place.

On the one hand, we have a president who accepted the Nobel Peace Prize and went on to expand secret wars to well over a hundred countries;[3] who found plenty of money for those wars and, in concert with the Federal Reserve, protected the banks—and their managers—even as those banks resumed the dubious practices that led to the financial meltdown of 2007 and 2008 and continued foreclosure practices that are at least “flawed” if not fraudulent[4] but left those who were and are being foreclosed upon and those who were and are unemployed to twist in the wind;[5] who continues to expand domestic surveillance;[6] and who has cracked down harder on whistleblowers than any previous president, particularly cruelly in the case of Bradley Manning.[7]

On the other hand, Mitt Romney’s preeminent qualification for the job seems to be that he is filthy rich and was Chief Executive Officer of a predatory capitalist firm.[8]

As I approached Jenner, where I would turn back inland, back towards pollinated air, I saw a creature along side the road. It was night time, I was mainly concerned with not hitting it, and didn’t really get a good look, but as I drove on, I decided it was a cat—it seemed to move like one—and that it was too fat to be a feral cat. This was far enough north from Jenner, that this cat did not belong there. It had likely been dumped. I wished I could turn around and rescue it, but we already have two cats at my house, one of whom still doesn’t accept the newcomer, and I didn’t have a sufficiently precise location that I would know where to stop on a narrow, winding road. I thought about the many animals that had been turned in to shelters because people had lost their homes and couldn’t move their companions with them into apartments. And I also thought about how the elite have treated ordinary people, the same people who will, barring the wildly unexpected, select one of these candidates this November.

Disregard the campaign rhetoric. Neither of these candidates gives a damn about ordinary people any more than whoever dumped that cat cared for it. Obama’s words on unemployment are staggeringly consistent in their absolute emptiness, except for one particularly memorable quote, in which he foretold exactly what he would do about jobs.[9] He said, “We all know there are limits to what government can and should do even during such difficult times.”[10] At least with Romney, just as we did with Bush, we know what we’re getting. But I guess we really do with Obama as well.

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