Obama’s response to midterm “shellacking”: What side would India like its bread butte

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This Associated Press story is a waste of time—except for one thing: This is a president whose party just got pummeled in midterm elections, in large part because he had lost touch with U.S. voters who are suffering the worst recession since the Great Depression, a recession caused by criminality which his administration has chosen not merely to overlook but to reward.

Now, in that A.P. article, look at the photograph of the Obama’s being greeted by an honor guard in Indonesia. He had arrived there following a three-day trip to India, during which he denied that globalization had cost jobs.

Now, of course, it’s quite a habit for U.S. presidents facing obstruction on the domestic front to suddenly take an interest in foreign affairs.

But does this look to you like the picture of a man who has learned a single solitary thing from the election? Does it make any sense at all to respond to the “shellacking” he admits having received by flying off overseas, booking entire hotels, hobnobbing with world leaders?

If this man runs for reelection in 2012 without making some drastic changes, he’s toast.